Top Ecommerce SEO Myths That You Probably Believe

The easy-to-use and navigational features of Ecommerce websites make them one of a kind. Almost every shopper loves such kinds of websites. But only the expert knows how much SEO efforts go into making Ecommerce websites engaging, trustworthy and friendly platforms.

SEO or search engine optimization may come through as an easy term, but wait until you get into the depths. It isn’t as easy; hence, professionals are hired, or the work is outsourced to the best Ecommerce SEO services providers.

While SEO is a necessity, there are various misconceptions in the minds of people about it, especially Ecommerce SEO. Therefore, this post is dedicated to setting myths apart from the truth so you can make an informed decision.

1- Ecommerce SEO is only about the technical aspect

This is one of the most common misconceptions that worry the best Ecommerce SEO service providers around the world.

While technical SEO is a part of search engine optimization, it isn’t the only thing that professionals rely on to take your website to the top.

To get a better ranking, experts take care of different aspects, including link building, keyword research and analysis, site auditing, content optimization, and to name a few. Keep in mind that SEO is an umbrella term that comprises various elements. A successful SEO campaign is a perfect blend of every element.

2- Category pages don’t have much value

In fact, category pages are valuable and can be used to rank the pages based on category-specific keywords.

For instance, if you sell women’s shoes on your website and know that local customers may buy from you, then having a category page for women’s shoes can prove beneficial. Such pages not only help with ranking but also with better conversion rates.

Ensure that you optimize each such category page with exact keywords and phrases. And don’t forget to optimize the meta title, meta description, H1 tags, URL and content of the page to make it easy for the search engine to crawl and index your page.

3- Duplicate content on the same website doesn’t matter

Duplicate content is duplicate content, irrespective of its placement. Whether it is on the same webpage, different web pages of the same website or on different websites altogether.

Duplicate content makes your website appear spam and look non-authoritarian. To eliminate this issue, using canonical tags is very important. They help in the removal of attribute pages and other similar content that do not provide the searchers with any valuable information.

Many times, Ecommerce websites use product descriptions similar to what the seller has used. While this may save you time, but may not help when it comes to ranking.

4- Reviews don’t matter in SEO

If you are struggling to add fresh content to your website, reviews can probably help. As a marketer, you should request the customers to provide product reviews because when these reviews get indexed by search engines, they end up providing astronomical value to the website.

Apart from the search engines, even customers find reviews and testimonies quite useful in trusting the brand’s genuineness and authenticity. So, never believe someone who thinks that reviews have no value for your SEO strategy.

5- SEO is the solution to all the problems

Similar to any other field of effort, even SEO is bounded. It can prove helpful in many ways, but it won’t help with everything. If the sales are trending in a different direction, SEO cannot come to your rescue.

Similarly, if your website is filled with poor quality content, has below average website strategy, and the business has a low customer engagement metric, then no amount of the best Ecommerce SEO services can help things get better, despite the efforts.

Instead, start from scratch and let the professionals do everything the way it needs to be!

Over to you

SEO is the comparatively modern arena of practice; thereby, myths and misconceptions surrounding it are common things. However, your belief in every misconception is what might keep you away from experiencing the benefits associated with the best Ecommerce SEO services.

We hope this blog was able to steer you in the right direction!

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