Top Ten Video Poker Tournaments in the World

Poker tournaments are a great way to use your skills in the game and get a chance to win big money. It’s a fantastic chance for regular players to test their mettle and compete against other gamblers. If you are confident in video poker, you can participate in a tournament and try your luck to win big prizes.

Many players prefer to play video poker because it is a solitary game. You don’t have to worry about going to a land-based casino and playing in a big company or against the dealer. It’s a chance to concentrate fully on the game and use your strategy with confidence.

The possibility of testing your knowledge and competing against other gamblers is offered by video poker tournaments. If you’re a very good poker player and you’re confident in your abilities, then you should give video poker tournaments a try. Video poker tournaments are online and each tournament has its own rules and features. Some are free to play and some require a fee to participate.

The peculiarity of the events is that you will be fighting for the prize money and not trying to win a hand. Players who show the best results in the tournament will receive a cash reward. Participants who lose accordingly will receive nothing.

Experienced players almost always enter tournaments to use proven strategies and try their luck to win large sums of money. You should understand your chances of winning and consider the level of competition.

The Basics of Video Poker

Before participating in any video poker tournament, you need to have at least an understanding of the basics of the game. Gamblers prefer video poker because it’s a little different from classic poker and consists of slot machines and a traditional version of the game.

Betting on video poker tournaments is a section that deserves separate attention. Many tournaments only agree to maximum bets, which consist of five credits per hand played. You can’t bet as much as you want. Even if you do have a choice, you should still always consider a maximum bet of five coins.

It’s important to realize that a flash royal has much better odds for five coins saved than for one or four. If you feel you can make up such a hand, be sure to bet the maximum.

Video poker is an improved version of five-card draw. The game is available in an informal version. Each player is dealt five cards and they form the basis of your hand. There are 52 cards in the deck. It is worth bearing in mind that there are video poker variants that consist of a 53-card deck and contain a joker. Then your odds will increase as the joker replaces any card.

The winning combination of cards is determined by the payout table for a particular video poker variant. You can only have certain card combinations that will result in a winning hand. Before you play, it is essential to understand which cards can create winning combinations:

  • A pair of jacks or better;
  • Two pairs;
  • Three of a kind;
  • A street (five cards of consecutive rank);
  • A Flash (five cards of the same suit);
  • A full house (a three of one rank and a pair of another rank);
  • A four;
  • A Street Flash (five cards of a consecutive rank and one suit);
  • A Flash Royal (ten-valet-queen-king-ace of the same suit);

In the payout table of a particular game, you can find out what the payout is for a specified combination.

How to Register for a Video Poker Tournament?

There are several ways to register for a video poker tournament, which can be found on the website of the online casino you prefer to play at.

  1. Direct buy-in. In this registration option, you pay a certain amount in advance to enter the tournament.
  2. Buy-in with a commission. Usually commission is a small percentage, and this tournament fee goes to the online casino.
  3. This option is open to all eligible players, without an up-front fee.

If you are choosing which tournament to participate in, note that every tournament has advantages and disadvantages. Select only reliable online casinos, especially if a pre-payment for tournament participation is required. If the casino is reliable, don’t let the amount of commission bother you. This is a must, as the tournament provides solid winnings.

Free tournaments get a lot of attention, as they require no upfront payment. There is a major disadvantage with this option, as the winnings in free tournaments are much lower than in paid events.

There may be tournaments which offer a down payment in the promotional announcement, but they may also have free offers for some players. Gamblers who are active users of a certain online casino can get this unique opportunity. They usually bet maximum amounts and are members of a loyalty programme.

Therefore, it is always advisable to pay attention to the bonuses which are offered by a particular gaming site and take advantage of them. In any case, they always have benefits.

Video Poker Tournament Prizes

Prizes depend on the type of video poker and the tournament conditions. A certain amount of winnings can be given for each place. These amounts are based on a percentage of the pool that is collected. This can be calculated very easily. For example, if there are 100 players in a tournament with a registration fee of 100%, the tournament pool will be $10,000. The prize pool will be divided by a certain percentage:

  • 1 place – 50%;
  • 2 place – 25%;
  • 3 place – 12,5%;
  • 4 place – 7,5%;
  • 5 place – 5%.

It is crucial to read the tournament terms and conditions as they may distribute the prizes differently. There may be a different number of prizes or pool allocation amount. Some tournaments have only one winner, so before you enter, research all the features and determine if they are suitable for you.

To real money online video poker is it legal  online casino. Choose only reliable gaming platforms that offer the best video poker options and are also licensed to conduct gaming activities. Information about video poker tournaments is usually displayed on the homepage of the site or in the games section.

You should always consider the tournament information and the main facts before entering a tournament. It is not recommended to register for tournaments if you are not sure of your abilities or if the prize money is worthy of your contributions.

Also check the basic information:

  • number of participants;
  • amount of prize money;
  • conditions for registration.

Find out all the information before registering for a video poker tournament so that you don’t run into trouble. The terms and conditions should be as clear and easy to understand as possible. If you haven’t played in a video poker tournament before, it’s a good idea to try your luck in the free tournaments first.



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