Trello – A Complete Review on the Software

Trello has been popular as a collaboration software that organizes all your projects into boards. At a glance, the software knows what is being processed, who is working on what, and where something is being processed. Interested? Here is a complete review of the software, and of course, Trello cost.

What Makes Trello Software Special?

Due to the amazing benefits the users have experienced while using Trello software, this project management tool is quite popular.

As a project management tool, users can collaborate with other team members easily. Then, they can perform project-related tasks without having to switch from one app to another.

At a glance, you will see which tasks and who they are assigned to, and what they are already doing. Moving these tasks on the platform is also easy and shows the progress of the project.

Apart from the friendly Trello cost, this software makes your team much easier to work with. This tool provides boards, lists, and cards that you can work with to flexibly use. Eventually, you can prioritize your projects easily with this software.

Each of the tools offered by Trello serves a specific purpose. Meanwhile, the board presents the project along with its information. The lists will have all the titles and the cards serve as the main unit of every card in the software.

How Does It Work?

From the Trello demo, we can see that this software offers many utilizations. Below are some of the usages you can get from Trello.

  • Keeps Track of Your Time

The most common perception of time tracking is only hourly billing. Trello does more than that. This software actually helps improve the productivity of you and your team members.

  • Creates Schedules

With Trello software, you can also make it easier to plan your vacation. How? This tool allows users to create a list of their daily activities.

  • Organize Your Daily Activities

Once you have created schedules, Trello allows you to track your daily tasks on one platform. These tasks run the list without the confusion of checking and updating. All thanks to the visual quality of the software.

  • Arranges Your Reading List

This software works perfectly not only for companies. Instead, you can also use it for creating personal reading lists. You can use it to track an ever-growing list of books and magazines worth reading.

  • Manages Your Budget

Trello review has mentioned that you can easily use the software to track personal expenses and income. You can use different cards to keep a list of your income and expenses. This way, Trello helps you to take more control over your financial budget.

  • Manages Your Project and Team

This is probably the most common use of this software. Trello allows you to oversee projects. Additionally, you can also create boards for specific members to include in their assignments.

The Benefits of Using Trello

There are various plans in Trello cost. Yet, before we go further, you should know the amazing benefits of using Trello as your project management software. Here they are.

Trello Uses Real-Time

All team members can work on the project without interrupting the update. When the system is updated, it will be displayed automatically without having any delay.

Allows You to Add Members Easily

You can add new members simply by entering the new user’s email address. That’s simple.

Comes with a Responsive design

Whether you access Trello software from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, the software will display accurately. This means that you can use Trello even if you access it from devices other than your regular use, such as laptops.

Provides a Kanban system

Some other software uses the Kanban system developed in the 1950s. Thanks to this system, it has become much easier for you to use your boards to create project tasks. Most importantly, you can then divide the projects into smaller tasks. Well, Trello provides this Kanban system.

Offers an Excellent Notification System

The Trello demo claims this as the most powerful feature. The notification system shows all the movements of the software. Email notifications will be sent for each updated, commented, or deleted task. The best part? You will get push notifications sent to your phone.

No Notes Required

Not only is Trello useful but this software is also environmentally friendly. Why? Because it helps users get rid of their notes. You can take these notes with the software and you don’t have to worry about forgetting any task again.


Besides the affordable Trello cost, this software is designed to be simple and easy to use. Thus, anyone can use it. You can see at a glance how to manage the software that even beginners will understand within seconds.

Affordable Pricing Plans

This is another amazing feature of Trello which makes it excellent software. You can subscribe to unlimited access packages for only $25. This already offers unlimited users and access to a wide range of features.

More Details about Trello Cost

Trello offers four pricing plans. You can choose the suitable one depending on your needs.

  • Trello Free

The free version is forever free, yes, you read it right! It is forever free! With this plan, you will get limited to 10 team boards, 250 workspace commands per month, attachments up to 10 MB per file, and workspace customization.

  • Trello Standard

The Standard plan costs $60 per user yearly. It includes unlimited boards, unlimited power-ups, running 1000 workspace commands monthly, up to 250MB attachments per file, workspace customization, and more.

  • Trello Premium

For this plan, you can get it for $119.99 per user yearly. In addition to all standard features, you will get unlimited workspace command execution per month, management and security features, additional views (tables, timelines, dashboards, calendars, and maps), and priority support.

  • Trello Enterprise

For this plan, the price depends on the number of licenses. It includes all the features on Standard and Premium plans, additional management controls via Powerup and attachments, organization-wide approval, visible board, and public board management.

Nevertheless, with all the benefits and innovative features offered, we can confidently say that Trello software is worth having.

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