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Trips to Chernobyl

Many people today are thinking about buying trips to Chernobyl. It is not surprising because this is one of the most famous locations in Ukraine. After the Chernobyl series on Netflix, interest in this tragedy became high, the flow of tourists increased several times. It has contributed to the fact that the guides are beginning to look for new, more interesting routes. Here you can find answers to many questions that concern not only questions of history but also personal experiences.

Trips to Chernobyl: what can I see?

Chernobyl is a reasonably large area, where a nuclear power plant, a small city, and the entire 30 km zone are located. People from this zone were evacuated a few days entirely after the tragedy on April 26, 1986.

Modern Chernobyl trips include:

  • Ghost town Pripyat;
  • Red forest;
  • Chernobyl nuclear power plant;
  • Duga-1 and much more.

After the nuclear power plant accident, Pripyat and the surrounding villages were left empty without people. Open houses, a school, a kindergarten, sports grounds – all this gives incredible emotions. It allows you to rethink your attitude to life, human actions, and environmental issues. After the residents left the city, looters began to work actively here, carrying all things except large-sized furniture.

In addition, nature quickly wins back its own. During trips to Pripyat, you can enjoy a sense of peace, see birds and animals in their natural habitat. Modern Chernobyl sounds like an ordinary forest.

Red forest Chernobyl is one of the most famous locations. This area took a big hit of radiation, which led to the destruction of a large amount of vegetation. All the plants were covered with radioactive dust, turning them red and glowing at night. Scientists insisted that the affected trees be cut down and buried. It is still not possible to enter this due to high radiation levels, but you will be able to see the red forest from a safe distance.

How to buy trips to Chernobyl?

How to visit Chernobyl? You can legally visit Chernobyl as part of a group or individual tour. Today, several organizations have permission to conduct such activities.

The tour operator meets tourists in Kyiv, leads them to the exclusion zone, guides them through all checkpoints, and provides devices that help protect themselves. The creators of routes are trying to do everything to be as safe as possible.

Chernobyl day trips help you see something new and visit a fundamentally different world from what you have seen before. Places where a person no longer lives always powerfully influence a person.

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