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Tutflix: An Educational Learning Forum

People use Tutflix as an educational-based content sharing platform for the students and other people. It doesn’t relate to other pirated movie streaming platforms or other such streaming websites. ‘’Tut’’ in the word means tutorials, and “flix” means the term used for films.

The major mission of tutflix includes educating and helping students through e-learning content already existing on the world wide web. So, Tutflix firstly gathers and collect all the data and content from different sites or resources. Then it enables users to see all the content in one place at this platform.

An educational resource forum:

The users find tutflix as a platform where individuals can learn any course online. They can also discuss their interests, problems and opinions with others. The individuals help others by contributing resources on the forum.

An interesting platform comparatively to other sites:

The users can easily get access to download the courses and torrents to watch all the downloaded content offline. Tutflix also shares the bypass method so users can access content online through MEGA.nz.

  • The users can’t get the latest released content on other websites easily like tutflix
  • It provides the latest released content first than the other sites when it’s available on the internet
  • The other websites can erase the directly shared content, but tutflix fix old links if they get reported
  • One of the best parts of tutflix includes that the users can request their desired course on tutflix
  • When the site gets any resource, it uploads it on a website to the resource section
  • The users don’t need to worry about viruses or malware (some hacking or cybersecurity courses)
  • Tutflix website upload all the content, data and resources from trusted, popular and reliable sources

Points to be noted:

  • People need to be careful when creating multiple accounts because the site can get banned and caught
  • So, we suggest that you should avoid creating multiple accounts
  • The users should avoid using VPN or PROXY because when it matches with other users, it automatically counted two or more accounts
  • Tutflix doesn’t send any promotional emails or msgs
  • The users receive only emails if they join in a thread or any post on a thread

Process of registration:

Firstly, the account user has to introduce himself to get a promotion as a member of that forum.

Following points should be considered while writing an introduction post:

  • The users must have to write about their interests
  • Then mention your area, and your required learning field
  • You have to mention that your community provides access to use this platform


The article is all about using tutflix account by the users for educational content. We suggest that users should avoid sharing any same downloading links with others. The users should also avoid asking for download links for any course or content with general public on this platform.

You should post any content or course in English as English is an official language. The main thing includes that tutflix reserves the right to remove, move or edit any content at any time.

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