Types of Wild Symbols In Slots And Their Functions

Just about every single slot machine game out there makes use of Wild symbols. Players eagerly await their appearance on the screen since they often bring additional prizes and fascinating visual effects. That’s why it’s exciting (and lucrative) to learn as much as possible about them. This article will go through the many kinds of wild symbols and the benefits they may provide as you play your favourite slots online.

Regular Wild Symbols

A Wild symbol’s primary purpose is to complete winning combos by standing in for any other symbol in the game. In many slot machines, they can do this for all symbols except Scatters and other bonus game triggers. Wild symbols often appear on the reels randomly, but in other games, they can only appear on specific reels; if you want to know how the Wild symbol functions, look at the payout table. 

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds remain on the reels for more than one spin, increasing your odds of winning. This everlasting icon is there in Yggdrasil’s Legend of the Golden Monkey slot machine for as long as you continue to win. 

Multiplying Wilds

Wild symbols are not uncommon to award multipliers in addition to their usual benefits. Each wins these multiplicating Wilds help produce is increased by a multiplier of two or three. When two or more Wild symbols contribute to a winning combination, the multiplier is often increased. 

Replicating Wilds

Wilds that duplicate have the power to change non-Wild symbols into Wild ones. The Raven emblem on FairWin’s newest slot machine, Yggdrasil, may turn adjacent symbols into Wilds, increasing the player’s chances of winning. It can be a random set of symbols or two symbols next to each other. 

Shifting Wilds

In the same way that sticky Wilds remain on the reels for several spins without disappearing, shifting Wilds may be thought of as a variant of sticky Wilds that only shift location. They often travel horizontally and add to winning combos until they are no longer present on the reels. Strange as it may seem, developers often make the spins with these symbols into a battle. For example, in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice by Playtech or RTG’s Rocket Men, Wilds are rockets that fly from Trump to Kim or from Kim to Trump and blow up one of the countries! 

Stacked Wilds

Stacked Wilds are an expansion of the standard Wild symbol, appearing as a stack of identical Wilds that cover a whole reel and increase your chances of winning. Microgaming’s Stardust is a game that uses stacked Wilds. 

Expanding Wilds

The Expanding Wild symbol appears in one location on the reel and then expands to cover the entire reel. Expanding symbols, while functionally identical to stacking Wilds, appear more striking and provide designers greater freedom to experiment with animation. The Fantastic Four slot machine from Playtech, featuring a Mr Fantastic who can grow in size, is a good illustration of this. 

Other Wild features

The three wilds in Warlords: Crystals of Power all act in somewhat different ways, with the Barbarian Hammer leaving a 2×2 Wild mark on the reels, the Samurai Sword awarding 2–5 Wilds in a line, and the Priestess Arrow awarding 1–5 random Wild symbols on any reel. 

In Kim’s Little Game, a feature found in the Rocket Men slot machine, the player presses Kim’s red button, which causes rockets (Wilds) to descend from the sky and land on the reels, increasing their wins. 

These are not the only ways Wild symbol act. You should go ahead and try out a few games on your own. The list is only limited by what people can think of.

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