Useful Video Editing Tips & Tricks Every Beginner Should Consider

When it comes to video editing, it’s important to know a handful of useful video editing tips and tricks if you want to create high-quality, engaging videos.

For instance, when you’re cooking something, it all comes to the plating and garnishing. If the food does not look appealing to the eater, there are many chances it will be rejected without even being tasted. Similarly, editing is pretty important when it comes to videos.

Well, on the downside, this process can be a little overwhelming and challenging. It’s like you need to gather all the required information in one place to smooth out your editing workflow and deliver high-quality results.

Today in this blog, we’ll discover some helpful video editing tips and tricks. We’ll help you to determine which video editing software is suitable, how pace and clarity can be improved, and how to add sound effects in the background and align them with the visuals.

You can use these tips when editing any type of video like personal vlogs, animated videos, documentaries, live-action videos, etc.

We believe these will help you to deliver a polished and standard form of video content to your customers.

But if you want any help, you can hire a video editor. A simple video editing costs around $45 to $60 per hour. Or, if you’re planning to do it on your own, then give it a read to this blog.

Choose the right software:

We thought to start this list with one of the most important elements, the video editing tools. If you really want your video to stand out in the market, you need to have the right tools.

If you survey the market, you’ll come across a plethora of tools, and finding the best fit is literally like looking for a needle in the haystack. Plus, it’s merely impossible to know about the tool without having the right insights.

So, ensure before you make a purchase, you check its reviews and customer support feature. But, if you don’t have time for that, you can use our suggested tools, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

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But you should also know these are not some easy-to-use tools, nor are they beginner friendly. If you’re up for some adventure and steep learning, then you can go for any of these.

Speed up your video:

There’s a good reason why TikTok became so famous in the year of our Lord. We live in a fast-paced, social media-driven society where people’s attention spans have shrunk. Amateur films, as well as many professional ones, are frequently criticized for being overly lengthy.

There’s no need to reduce your half-hour masterpiece to 30 seconds, but getting rid of any unnecessary elements can make it better.

Make yourself brutally honest when it comes to editing your own work. If a sentence or shot doesn’t offer anything to the video that isn’t already expressed elsewhere, consider eliminating it to see if the video flows better.

Show characters from different angles:

Our collection of video editing tips and techniques is incomplete if you don’t know when to chop a person out of the frame. As the speaker continues, switch to various graphics to up the tempo. If you’re editing a vlog and chatting to the camera, for example, try to include B-roll footage to illustrate what you’re saying.

If a scenario has two or more persons, it’s generally more important to watch the one who isn’t talking than the one who is.

When Person A is talking, consider cutting to Person B at some time. The nonverbal reaction of a character can provides a dramatic or comical aspect to the story if it is intriguing enough.

Do smooth cuttings:

It might appear startling when a scene is cut from one viewpoint to another. If you’re utilizing many takes, this is more likely to happen, but it can also occur when two cameras are being used for one shot.

Instead of cutting while things are static, cutting in the middle of action may help edits appear smoother.

If a character walks across the room and sits down, start the shot at a wide-angle and cut to a close-up while he is seated. This technique works well in many situations. Because the viewer’s attention will be drawn to the movement rather than little continuity mistakes, this appears more professional.

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Learn the color monopoly:

Both color grading and correction are methods of adjusting color. It’s all about making your clips seem better by adjusting their hues.

Comparing photos taken with two different cameras or below two separate lighting settings may generate stunningly diverse outcomes. It is common for this issue to be solved by adjusting the contrast, brightness, and white balance.

Color grading, the following stage, alters the visual look of a scene. Professional editing software has sophisticated color grading tools, but many also contain LUTs, or lookup tables, that applies a predetermined style for those who are new to the process.

Changing your video’s look to something warmer or colder may improve the tone.

Alter the music accordingly:

Adding music to your videos is the subject of the third video editing hack and tip in our series. Music can be used to enhance a video’s emotional impact. The problem is that inexperienced editors often make sudden cuts because they don’t synchronize their editing with the tempo of the music they are working with.

It’s up to you whether you want to utilize the keyboard shortcut or play the song and tap your fingers along to the beat. It’s a brilliant idea to cut to the precise places where you tapped in the video. With the help of the audio waveform, you can determine where to make the cuts.

Adjust the tracks:

Music that makes it hard to hear speech is more harmful than helpful. When piecing together clips with varying levels of speech, it’s a typical error to do so. Make sure your audio is well-balanced.

Adjust the level of speech clips in your movie, so they are as near to each other as feasible before modifying the loudness of any other audio.

Then, modify the rest of the audio to fit around the speech. It is possible to use ducking or keyframing of audio to reduce the level of music when someone is conversing and boost it elsewhere in the same application.

Check for the copyrights:

Of course, nobody wants to land up in trouble by getting sued by anyone. This is one common human error. Without even noticing, a lot of editors often use music or songs without getting permission.

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Websites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are pretty strict about this. If you are using copyrighted music, they will eventually take down such videos.

So, we strongly suggest you not use any famous song track without getting full rights.

If you are thinking about where you can get music or songs without getting into this hassle, then go for royalty-free music. There are many websites that offer royalty-free music. Or, if you really want to use the hit tracks, then seek permission from the musicians. Who knows, you might get it if you’re lucky.

Keep the story on the front:

Before deciding which shot to utilize or where to edit, you must always evaluate how your selection will affect the narrative. Not only does this apply to fiction films but also to political speeches and product advertisements.

Understand that just because a clip or any effect appears beautiful does not necessarily mean that it is the best method for generating a decent video.

These alternatives, though, can detract from the primary message. It is essential to consider what you want viewers to strip away from the video as well as the most effective approach to convey that information.

Keep backups:

This is something you should always remember, even if you forget everything else. Whenever you’re editing, make sure to have a backup of your whole file.

While you’re editing, keep saving your file. For instance, if something goes wrong, then you must have a backup of everything.

In a Nutshell

So, that was all about some useful tips and tricks on video editing. We hope video editing is not an easy job, and it’s a pretty challenge to excel in this specific domain. However, if you need any further help, you can always look for the best video editing companies like BuzzFlick.

They are a dedicated team of video producers and editors. From scriptwriting to quality video editing services, they are offering it all.

So, on this note, we end this insightful blog. We hope this blog will be of great benefit to you.

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