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What are custom Instagram filters and the benefits of their usage?

Instagram is booming — the platform keeps attracting new people across all demographics. But it’s not only about posting fancy photos and skits. Much like its Facebook parent company, Instagram is straying away from its core social network brand and goes far beyond media sharing.

Nowadays, people use popular Instagram effects for numerous purposes. They show off, unveil, advertise, and sell on it as well. And one way for advertising is Stories — a nifty place for making short, lushy videos. And what better way of presenting your product other than using a virtual filter to make it look gorgeous? By interacting with real-life objects, viewers

And it’s easy. Virtually, the user needs to just launch Instagram and the content is available on the go. Seeing these filters requires no effort, granted the consumer has a smartphone. Luckily, the experience is sleek for the vast majority of people since Google and Apple invested a ton in its development and optimization.

So, AR consumption guide is as follows:

  • Use a QR code with AR content inside of it
  • Come across an AR-powered Story in Instagram

But the AR creation process is tricky — this is why we take care of it. The hard part is making your brand integration sleek, a non-pushed affair towards customers. And although the AR toolkit is available for everyone, it should rather be trusted to seasoned 3D artists.

Tailor-made for your needs, we are keen on implementing all sorts of marketing quips for you. From cute masks to QR-code scanning or try-on wardrobes, we take the best of AR in its current form. And indeed, once a customer sees a QR code on a commodity, your AR filter will pop introducing a whole lot more to the product. Or we can help your wearable become a try-on object, whether it’s a pair of glasses or exquisite jewelry.

Or let’s say you are making burgers. A dancing burger is a proper lush when compared to a regular burger. So why not make it a real entertainer, whose performance depends on a flavor your customer chooses.

Should we mention traveling gimmicks in AR? Imagine if a customer wants to travel somewhere and wants to know the country landmarks. But instead of Googling, they get a virtual globe, by clicking which they receive a set of pictures for each country. And these landmarks are shown on a… vintage Polaroid! No joke, this is in our portfolio but you may ask for your own, tailor-made method of presenting information you wish.

Things like virtual wardrobes have become a norm in AR but we have improved to a new level. And this level is called customization: pick any color, attach extra items, rotate in any dimensions, enlarge or shrink the way you want. Just see what you can achieve by giving the maximum freedom of choice to your customers, courtesy of Morphy.Vision tech-rich furniture AR filters.

WHY Designer AR Filters

Apart from obvious reasons, trusting professionals is always a good idea. We know what it takes to make a good 3D asset for the eyes’ pleasure. Moreover, we make the best use of the available AR toolkit, creating some of the best-optimized 3D models that run both on Android and iOS.

AR is most effective when used by experienced people with extra software tuning and coding skills. We emphasize the usage of the latest AR plug-ins and modulation so the end product is feature-rich and visually captivating.

Contact and trust seasoned AR professionals!


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