What Factors Should You Consider Before Ordering Custom Workwear?

You may be thinking about ordering some custom workwear for your business, but aren’t sure where to start. Ordering custom apparel can put your brand on full display, but the process definitely requires some forethought. Before placing that order, here are some important factors you should consider before ordering custom workwear.

Determine What Pieces You Need

What types of workwear do your employees need to properly do their jobs? Think about the roles and responsibilities of your staff members. Do they require protective gear? Would polos and other casual shirts suffice? Determine exactly which articles of clothing are necessities so you order useful pieces. Don’t forget to account for changing seasonal conditions too.

Choose the Right Fabrics

Pay attention to the fabrics used in any custom workwear you design. The materials need to promote safety and functionality. Breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics often work very well. If you require protective or weather-resistant gear, look into relevant coatings and construction. Consider who will be wearing the pieces as well when selecting comfortable yet durable fabrics.

Include Necessary Branding Elements

Your workwear should prominently display your brand logo, name, colors, and other identifiers. Make sure to integrate these visual branding details into the apparel pieces themselves. You want your custom workwear to act as moving advertisements for your company whenever employees are out in the field. The right branded elements make professionalism clear.

Pick Functional Features

The best custom workwear includes highly functional features as well. Useful aspects like reflective striping, ample pockets, mesh ventilation, reinforced seams, hook-and-loop enclosures, and snug cuffs drastically improve wearability. Choose feature accents that streamline your staff’s work rather than get in the way. Enhanced functionality aligns well with amplified branding.

Determine Proper Uniform Sizing

To provide an ideal fit, you need to determine appropriate sizing for all of your custom workwear pieces. Ask your employees for their measurements across several points like chest circumference, sleeve length, neck, waist, hips, and inseam length. An accurate sizing chart helps get each uniform piece adjusted to the individual who will actually wear it for an optimized appearance and comfort.

Decide on Uniform ColorsandPrints

Part of customizing workwear involves selecting colors and fabric prints that represent your company. Maybe you want uniforms in your established brand colors. Or perhaps you prefer complementary shades that deliver professionalism. You could even opt for camouflage or other prints if they align with your industry. Just make all pieces cohesive. The hues and patterns of workwear do impact branding potential.

Figure Out Adjustable Options

To accommodate uniqueness among your staff while streamlining costs, consider incorporating some adjustable elements into your custom workwear. Aspects like adjustable snap closures, elastic cuffs and hems, adjustable waist straps, and multisized toggle fasteners allow a better range of motion and more personalized calibrating. Trying these cost-cutting tweaks helps balance customization with budget.

Get Ideas from Workwear Catalogs

Not sure exactly what type of custom workwear best meets your needs? Then browse through some catalogs of popular workwear manufacturers to spur additional ideas first. Many companies like Carhartt, Dickies, Red Kap, and Duluth Trading Co. offer unique workwear pieces from shirts to outerwear. Seeing what protuct options are out there can really get your creative juices flowing to design customized uniforms perfect for your staff duties.

Putting together custom uniforms for the team is a big undertaking, but nailing it makes a huge impact. Keep those key factors we covered top of mind as you map out options-you want not just job-appropriate gear but pieces embodying your brand’s vision. Once it clicks into place, find a custom shop to transform initial sketches into quality branded workwear employees will sport with pride. Suddenly, each staff member becomes a walking billboard, wowing clients with work that screams your brand. But the only way to achieve that payoff is meticulous planning beforehand. Getting the uniforms precisely right is well worth every bit of effort.

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