What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is a big thing, and we all understand that there is so much stigma surrounding sexual assault that it can be overwhelming for the victim. Of course, it is never the victim’s fault. If you’ve been sexually assaulted through force or coercion, you can take legal action against that person. But before you figure out what has happened to you it can be hard to process the whole thing because things like that can leave you scarred for life. You might need medical attention and even some counseling to get back on your feet. You can take time to go through a range of emotions and that’s okay. Just know that you can seek legal advice from a sexual assault lawyer anytime you are ready.

Seeking legal advice is great because there are all sorts of lawyers to help you even if you are charged with DUI on a scooter or have been raped. However, it is very important that people know the real definition of sexual assault because it can take many forms. The incident could have happened a few hours ago or a few years ago but knowing some forms of the sexual assault can help you navigate your experience and then you can decide where to go for support or legal action.

Types of sexual assault

Here are some of the types:

Fondling: If a person is touching or caressing your body or your genitals without your permission then it is considered sexual assault and you have the right to call that person out.

Unwanted sexual contact: If two people want to have a sexual relation, they both should feel okay and give consent before engaging in the activity. If anyone of them is hesitating or doesn’t give a consent, then this would be considered a sexual assault by your partner in the eye of the law. It happens when your partner forces you to perform sexual acts whether they are physical or oral.

Attempted rape: Attempted rape is still considered as a sexual assault because a victim may have escaped from the possibility of rape but could still be traumatized.

Rape: Rape happens when a person forces another person for sexual intercourse through vaginal, anal, or oral penetration. If an object is used for penetration, it would still be considered rape. Rape is an ultimate crime that falls in the category of sexual assault.

Sexual harassmentSexual harassment refers to a person’s advances towards you which include inappropriate touching, abusive language, and promises of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.

Solicitation of minors: Sexual assault covers the solicitation of minors as well. In this form, an adult person engages in a conversation with a child usually in a park and asks him/her to engage in a sexual act. Even though the sexual act is yet to happen, this is considered a criminal offense.

Possession of child pornography: If a person has a collection of children pornography, he or she could face serious charges because engaging, distributing, receiving, and possession of child pornography is illegal and considered sexually leading.

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