What it Takes To Become a Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master

Discipline Agile (DA) is a hybrid methodology that combines elements from Scrum, Kanban, and other Agile methods to create a comprehensive and flexible framework for delivering value to customers. The Discipline Agile certification program is offered by the DA Consortium, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the use of Discipline Agile in organizations.

The Discipline Agile certification is designed for Agile practitioners who want to expand their knowledge and skills in Agile delivery and management. The certification program consists of two levels: DA Practitioner and DA Coach.

Let us understand the methods to prepare for the Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master exam.

  1. Study the Disciplined Agile (DA) Framework: The Disciplined Agile framework is the foundation of the DASSM exam, so it is essential to understand the framework well. You can study the DA framework through the DA website, which offers a wealth of information, including a DA overview, DA lifecycle, and DA practices. You can also take the DA Awareness course offered by Disciplined Agile to get a better understanding of the DA framework.
  1. Read the Disciplined Agile Delivery Guide (DADG): The DADG is a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of the DA framework. It provides a deep dive into the DA lifecycle and the practices that support it. Reading the DADG will give you a good understanding of how the DA framework is applied in real-world scenarios.
  1. Study the Scrum Guide: The Scrum Guide is the official guide to the Scrum framework and is essential reading for anyone preparing for the DASSM exam. The Scrum Guide covers all aspects of the Scrum framework, including the roles, events, and artifacts of Scrum.
  1. Take an Agile and Scrum Training Course: Many Agile and Scrum training courses are available to help you prepare for the DASSM exam. Some of the popular methods include Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Professional Scrum Master (PSM), and Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP), Discipline Agile Scrum Master (DASM).
  1. Join an Agile and Scrum Community: Joining an Agile and Scrum community is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field and connect with other professionals preparing for the DASSM exam. You can join online communities such as the Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance or attend local meetups.
  1. Practice with Agile and Scrum Exercises: Practicing Agile and Scrum exercises is an excellent way to prepare for the DASSM exam. You can find many Agile and Scrum exercises online or in books on Agile and Scrum. Some popular exercises include Scrum simulations, case studies, and role-playing exercises.
  1. Take a DASSM Practice Exam: Taking a DASSM practice exam is a great way to get a feel for the types of questions you will face on the exam. There are many DASSM practice exams available online, and taking these exams will give you an idea of the areas you need to focus on to improve your chances of success.
  1. Seek Mentorship: Seeking mentorship from an experienced DASSM-certified professional is a great way to prepare for the exam. A mentor can provide valuable insights into the DA framework and the Scrum framework and can help you develop your skills as a Scrum Master.

Exam Details:

There are no pretest questions on the DASM test. Throughout the test, all inquiries are thrown out at random. The introduction, lesson, and survey each take 30 minutes of the 120-minute exam session; the exam itself can take up to 90 minutes to complete.

The instructor-led DASSM course provided by a PMI Authorized Training Provider (ATP) or the DASSM eLearning Online Course must be completed to receive the DASSM certification. Those who have finished the course can apply for the certification exam. To be qualified for the DASSM Certification, you must have two years of experience working in an agile team, preferably in a leadership capacity such as a Disciplined Agile scrum master, scrum master, product owner, or architectural owner.

The benefits of the Discipline Agile certification include the following:

  1. Recognition: The Discipline Agile certification is recognized worldwide as a mark of excellence in Agile delivery and management.
  1. Career Development: The certification provides a clear career path for Agile practitioners and helps them to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to advance their careers.
  1. Improved Agile Delivery: The certification provides individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply Discipline Agile effectively in their organizations, leading to enhanced Agile delivery and better results.
  1. Access to a Network of Experts: The DA Consortium provides access to a network of experts in Discipline Agile, including certified DA Coaches and Practitioners.


Preparing for the Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master exam requires study, practice, and real-world experience. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can increase your chances of success and achieve your goal of becoming a DASSM-certified professional.

You can also opt for Agile Coach certification known as DAC( Disciplined Agile Coach Certification).

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