What Trendy Earrings Are in Style Now?

Earrings are an easy way to add some style to your outfit. They’re the perfect addition to a casual outfit, your clothes for the business day, and for after-work hours too! There are several kinds of asymmetric earrings available online that also come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Keep reading to explore how to improve your personal style by considering these various earrings that align with the current fashion trends.

Go for a pair of hoops.

One thing is for certain, hoop earrings are a big trend right now. There are big hoops for those who prefer a bolder look, beaded hoops for a unique statement, and huggie hoops that sit close to the ear instead of dropping lower as traditional hoop earrings do.

However, when deciding to spend your well-earned money on some new earrings, you want to get hoops and other styles of earrings that will endure the test of time. When it comes to trendy earrings, you want to buy from sellers that offer high-quality products so they can be worn for quite some time instead of having to get rid of them for tarnishing and looking lackluster.

Luckily, earrings from sellers like Kendra Scott offer affordable and luxurious jewelry. As a bonus, they use natural materials like genuine gemstones to create a one-of-a-kind set of earrings.

Try a pair of statement earrings.

Maybe you’re someone who loves to make a statement through your fashion. If this is the case, then a pair of statement earrings is a great trend to try out. For those unfamiliar, a statement piece is any kind of addition to your outfit that is bold and unique.

This means statement piece is not only a term confined to jewelry. However, in this case, statement earrings are those that offer a striking pattern, and forward style, and allow you to partake in some self-expression through your earring choice. These varieties of earrings are important because they can make a regular-looking outfit go to the next level by simply adding one touch of boldness.

Drop earrings add a touch of class.

Drop earrings are similar to statement earrings. It all comes down to the nitty-gritty of how you define what’s a statement versus what isn’t. For example, a statement piece might be bold, brightly colored, and over-the-top. You can have statement drop earrings or more simple drop earrings that work for more elegant occasions.

When speaking on drop earrings, they actually drop creating an illusion that they’re hanging for your ear because they drop right below the earlobe. This makes a beautiful and elegant touch to any dress-up occasion because they’re glamorous while staying modest in their color and size so you can wear these types of earrings with the perfect pair of jeans or a dress for your date night out.

Consider mixing styles.

One final trend that is currently very popular is mismatched earrings. This might look like wearing a mixture of earrings like sporting a couple of studs, a huggie hoop, or a drop earring for an added touch of uniqueness. To rock this style, you’d need more than one set of ear piercings unless you opt to buy faux piercings that clip on or can be placed over parts of the ear like your cartilage.

On the other hand, many trendsetters are wearing different earrings in each ear. So, if you lost the other half to a set of earrings, now’s the time to let that lost stud shine. Since it works to wear a contrasting one on the other side, you never have to worry about losing pairs again. If in doubt, some jewelry stores are selling these mismatched earrings as a pre-made set. This way, you can rock the trend without having to put much thought into it.

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