Where Can You Enjoy Live Jazz Music In Downtown Montreal?

While Montreal, Canada is known for its famous Jazz Festival in September, there are many other exciting places where you can enjoy live jazz music downtown in Montreal. Some of these hidden gems have been around for centuries but still manage to go undiscovered.

Montreal, known as the party capital, has something to offer everyone in their party scene. From majestically designed buildings to small and quaint intimate venues, there is something for everyone. Great food and great music are just a trip away.

Let’s explore some of the incredible options for enjoying jazz music in this exciting town. You are sure to be impressed with all of the great options you find.

Among the top choices is the Bootlegger Bar. Located on St Laurent Blvd this bar boasts a warm Victorian era. If you are looking for an authentic New Orleans cocktail, look no further. They are known for their Whiskey and Absinthe and feature a variety of local jazz artists such as Backwater Township and Alex Lefaivre.

The unique experience here at the bar strives to provide patrons with unparalleled service, great atmosphere, exhaustive selection, and a flavor of beverages to match your preference, enticing a comfortable and rewarding experience. Their full drink menu can be seen on their website at https://barbootlegger.com/menu/.

You won’t regret checking out their calendar of events and becoming a part of the Bootlegger Bar family.

With all of these great options, we cannot overlook Le Balcon. This venue has it all from dinner shows and live music to brunch gospels (why not?) and late shows. In this majestically designed building a variety of top-quality performers entertain on a nightly basis. Their mezzanine floor offers a place to consume snacks during shows with an exciting new menu being added to the cuisine shortly. Be sure to keep a lookout for this on https://en.lebalcon.ca/snacks.

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You can’t go wrong with the carefully curated bar selection which features great classics and premium Quebec spirits. Their beer selection features imported, local, and local micro-brewery products. Don’t pass this gem by.

Another venue you are sure to fall in love with is the Upstairs Bar and Grillade. Their schedule stays packed with great jazz entertainment Thursday through Sunday. Their full menu of food is simply a must-try. Their brick-wall, semi-basement location sparks a casual flair offering a great chance to kick back and relax after a long work week.

This diverse style of jazz and frequent jam sessions make this spot a favorite for locals and visitors alike. Visit https://www.upstairsjazz.com/ for more information.

In a snug, romantic basement on Saint-Denis Street in Montreal, you can find Diese Onze. They offer a delicious gourmet menu of authentic French cuisine; however, the gourmet menu at this great venue isn’t even the best part of what they have to offer. Their calendar stays booked with the best live performers in jazz music. Patrons particularly enjoy this jazz more for its intimate setting off of the bustling busy strip.

Their complete schedule of events and meal options can be found at http://www.dieseonze.com/accueil_en.html.

What are you waiting for? The exciting nightlife and enjoyable Montreal jazz music await you. Whether you are celebrating a birthday party, bachelorette bash or something in between there is no doubt that you will have a great time visiting these unique venues enjoying their authentic flair.

From exciting whisky tasting at the Bootlegger, to the top quality menu at Upstairs Jazz Bar and Grillades, you can customize the time of your life for all of your party friends. The cover charge at Diese Onze is always reasonable and enjoyable by all. When you check out the Revival show schedule you are sure to be excited to plan your next party night.

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Wherever your place of choice is, time to make a plan! Nothing is better than a great night of drinks and live jazz concerts in the city of beautiful downtown Montreal which awaits you! 

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