Where to Dine on Valentine’s Day in Dubai 2022

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so it is that time of year again when you celebrate your significant other, and what they bring forth in your life; joy, laughter, excitement and inspiration.

So, are you excited to be spending quality time with your loved one on Valentine to celebrate the wonderful bond you are blessed with? It is especially so if you are in Dubai!

Dubai has many great dining places for you to choose from when it comes to celebrating Valentine, and having a luxurious unforgettable experience that lives up to your expectations and standards.

Don’t know where to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Dubai? Read on to find out our top picks for you and your loved one. Whether you are celebrating on the 14th of February, or you are looking to dine in on other less crwhere to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Dubaiowded nights, the following places are luxurious and romantic picks fit for any time of the year!

Top Restaraunts in Dubai for Celebrating Valentine

All couples can have a great time dining in any of these places in Dubai:

  1. AKA

Are you into the Japanese style, culture and food? Are you fond of cherry blossoms? Are you passionate about theater and shows?  AKA Japanese-styled lounge is the perfect place that combines all these things for you and your loved one.

Located in the heart of the Pointe’s west side, and offering you a stunning view over the world’s tallest fountains and Atlantis from the terrace, it also offers you for Valentine’s Day a dinner for two and an amazing piece of jewelry, or a four-course meal, a bottle of bubbly and a stunning diamond-encrusted bracelet.

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Don’t miss out on booking your table! It’ll be one of the best tables booked ever, that’s for sure.

  1. Samakje

Fond of the Pointe but not exactly the Japanese menu? We have another option for you while we’re still at it. The Pointe’s Samakje Restaurant and Lounge has the most delicious seafood menu that combines Levantine and Mediterranean influences just for you.

Not only that, but it is also situated on Palm Jumeriah’s waterfront, offering you and your significant other incredible shows and views over the Palm Fountain at The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah.

If you and your loved one have a thing for sea, waterfronts and seafood, this place is for you both without a doubt! It is the ideal dining place that offers you a welcome cocktail, oysters, sashimi, shrimps, sea bass, dessert and house wine, all exclusive for couples on Valentines!

Don’t forget to make a reservation!

  1. Sonara Camp Dubai

Camp? Yep, you read that right.

If you are looking for a place that will fascinate your significant other with its true Middle Eastern feels, Sonara Camp is the place for you, and them!

It grants you the most authentic Arab experience that is surely an unforgettable experience worthy of your Valentine’s Day. Sonara Camp Dubai invites you to the Dubai desert and its starry skies to enjoy seasonal and local ingredients making up the delicious menu.

Do you really want to miss out on the live saxophonist, pianist and vocalist? Are you going to let the opportunity to sleep under the stars in romantic Bedouin tents slip by? If not, and if you are somewhat of an adventurous couple, the Sonara Camp Dubai is the place for you to call for booking!

  1. Cé La Vi
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This dining place is one of those that will give you everything that you are looking for, plus everything you didn’t know you needed.

Located in Address Sky View in Downtown Dubai, it can be the heart of your next Valentine’s celebration. Its offers for Valentine’s Day include floral bouquets to take home, artists that create portraits of couples, a singing and piano performance, and a menu of the finest dishes.

It can’t get any more romantic than that. Book now!

What to Choose

If you are celebrating Valentine’s day, Dubai has many dining places to contain your joy and offer you much more of it, especially The Pointe. However, if you are not celebrating for whatever reason, our picks for you are great choices for luxurious, romantic dining experiences that are not bound by the 14th February, but are waiting for your visit all year long!

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