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Who Can See My Online Browsing Data?

When we’re on the internet, we don’t want the world to see everything we’re doing.  This could be because you’re embarrassed about your search history or because you don’t like the idea of being watched while we’re online.

This fear is perfectly normal, unfortunately, some people can see anything and everything if you’re not careful!

Why It Matters Who Can See

Most people aren’t breaking the law online or taking on risky behaviors: but all of us shop online. In addition, almost all of us have our banking information available online.

This means that anyone who has your online browsing data may also have access to your private information.  This could be a credit card, but it could also be your physical address: it matters who has access to this.

Your ISP Sees Everything

Your internet service provider will have access to everything you search. So even if you’re in the incognito mode, they’ll be able to see which websites you visit and which you stay on the longest.

This can be scary for many people who don’t like the idea of their search history showing up for anyone. Still, it is usually done to ensure that no illegal behavior is carried out through their connection.

They can even see what sites customers visit while in incognito mode on browsers.  Thankfully you can hide a lot of your internet use by taking advantage of using a VPN.  This ensures that when they do an IP lookup on you, they won’t find out which person was browning what.

Anyone With Physical Access

Physical access is only as strong as you allow it to be.  This means that ensuring your computer is locked, not open on a public network and that you use incognito mode when you’re on sites you don’t want others to see will keep you mostly safe.

Also, make sure that you completely close out of that window when you finish a session using incognito mode.  This will ensure they can’t just click the back button to go through what you’ve been doing online.

Hackers That Want to Gain Access

Some hackers will find ways to grab your IP address, or use remote control software, to see personal information on you.  Because of this, it’s important to keep good online safety hygiene and avoid sites or links that you don’t recognize.

Also, don’t give these criminals the chance to go through your information or browser history.  Of course, there’s no fool-proof way to ensure your safety with this, but if you follow through and use the internet intelligently, you can protect yourself a little better.

Your Online Browsing Data Belongs to You

Although it can often feel like we sign away the rights to everything when we use the internet: we don’t.  You have the right to your personal information and deserve to have privacy while you’re online.

Be safe with who you trust your data with, keep your IP address safe, and avoid taking risky behavior while you’re online: these actions will protect you more than anything else.

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