Why Are The Katana Swords So Special?

Katana swords are superior and offer unparalleled strength. Highly versatile, these swords represent a rich Japanese history. They were very instrumental when it comes to war. Over the years, more and more people have embraced these Japanese swords. So, why are these swords considered the best in the world? Here are some reasons why your sword wardrobe should contain a katana sword.

Right Length

There are several types of swords on the market. Each type of sword comes with its length. For instance, certain conventional swords come with a length of around 1 to 2 inches. Also, other units are available with blades that are 50 inches or more. Samurai swords at come in standard sizes. They are highly polished. 

This variation confuses a buyer. So, what is the standard length? Well, traditionally, the Japanese blacksmiths considered all the factors. They understand the basic function of a samurai sword. They designed swords that could help a samurai fight without any issue. That’s why they designed swords in the right size.

A typical Japanese sword measures around inches long. These swords were designed to be used by all samurais. This moderate length made the samurai swords unique and highly exciting.

Cutting Edge

The Japanese culture has explicit rules on how to wear a samurai sword. Unlike other swords (that can be worn with the cutting edge facing any direction, the samurai sword’s cutting edges must face up.

The only exception is the katana which was worn with the edge facing downwards. This helped the samurai fighters to draw the sword easily.

Methodical Production Process

Japanese swords pass through a rigorous production process. The process was painstakingly difficult, challenging, and meticulous. It was a methodical process.

Unlike cheap swords on the market that are mass-produced, a samurai sword passed through controlled heat treatment, forging, and polishing. On average, a samurai sword took up to 6 months to produce. This made these swords unique and exciting.

Differential Heat Treatment

Differential heat treatment is part of the rigorous processes that were used to make a samurai sword. The heat treatment involved meticulous heating and cooling of its spine, edge, etc. A sword that has passed through differential heat treatment comes with a stronger edge and a highly flexible spine. This is what makes the samurai swords unique.

Right Composition

The samurai sword comes with the right metal composition. They are not produced using basic and low carbon-based steel. Over the years, the blacksmiths discovered the benefit of adding carbon to the blades. In particular, adding carbon make the blades stronger. As a result, they developed tamhagane steel. All Japanese katana swords were manufactured using this high carbon steel for more strength and quality.

Key Takeaway

You have every reason to purchase the katana sword if you are a sword lover. With superior strength, these Japanese swords make you look like a real fighter. Get your katana sword from the right manufacturer.

The Bottom-Line

Historically, katana swords represent the rich history of Japan. Worriers used these Japanese swords to show strength and power. A modern sword holder can use katana for prestige. Get your katana sword today. 

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