Why Quality Shoes Are Important To A Man’s Wardrobe? 

Can you imagine your life without good quality shoes? I guess it’s impossible to live a life without shoes. Shoes play an important role in any gentleman’s style. They are essential clothing items that can grab one’s attention instantly. Also, they keep your feet safe from weather conditions and protect them against dust, water, stones, etc. 

In short, it is safe to say that no one can ever ignore the importance of good quality shoes. This post is shedding light on 4 reasons why you should always buy quality shoes and what role quality shoes play in a gentleman’s life. 

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Shoes Represent Your Personality: 

It’s a common saying that you can judge a man completely by the type of shoes he is wearing. And I believe in this common saying. It’s a fact that men pay less attention to small details as compared to women. But if a man is so concerned about his footwear it means he is a little more sophisticated as compared to the rest of men. I have noticed that men usually live their lives in a few shirts, hoodies, and a jacket. They mix and match them every time they are leaving for some casual gatherings. 

It is to remember that you can ignore even the little details about your shoes. They represent how possessive you are about your looks and your impression of others. 

Shoes Represent your status: 

If we look into history, shoes play a significant role in people’s status. I am not being biased, but it’s a fact. A shoe represents your status in many cultures. You can guess about the person’s wealth by looking at the type of shoe he is wearing. Have you ever seen a big corporate person stepping out of his Mercedes but is wearing a pair of slippers or joggers? I guess not. Whenever you see someone coming out of their luxurious car, the first thing that gets your attention is the type of shoe he is wearing. Also whenever you meet someone for the first time, the first thing you notice is what kind of shoes they are wearing. 

They tell about spending priorities: 

If you ever see an average salary guy with a luxurious type of shoes. What’s the first thought that will pop up in your mind? He might be an average man but he got his spending priorities straight. Yes, you will guess at first glance that this man knows where to spend and where to not. There is no shame in the fact that classy and stylish men pay a lot of attention to the type of shoes. They always spend a good amount of money on quality shoes Vlone Official

Women are drawn towards stylish Shoes: 

This is the biggest reason why you should have quality shoes in your wardrobe. There is no doubt in the fact that women pay more attention to the little details. The shoes, the tie, and even on your socks. There is nothing wrong with it, women themselves pay a lot of attention to small details, and what’s wrong if they are expecting the same from the opposite gender? 

So guys if you want to impress a lady, wear a different stylish pair of shoes on every date. 


Hence it is safe to say that Shoes are one of the essential items of every men’s wardrobe. You must invest in some good quality shoes to impress others as well as to raise your style statements. If you are looking for some good quality and durable shoes that are very affordable then head towards vlone shoes. One of the fine men’s shoe brands. 

How much importance do you give to your shoe collection? Share your fashion ideas and tips with us in the comment section below. 

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