10 Reasons to Pick up a Musical Hobby

Do you remember the last time you tried to play an instrument?

Whether it was back in elementary school with a recorder or just the other day, there’s always something new to learn. Picking up a musical hobby could be a fulfilling way to pass the time, but it offers many other benefits. If you’re interested in expanding your mind and ability, you need to keep an open mind when it comes to music. 

Take a look below to discover the most common reasons for learning how to play music and step out of the shadows! 

1. Musicians Are Intriguing 

Talent and passion radiate around musicians, inspiring others and drawing them in closer. 

If you want to become a more interesting person, picking up an instrument can be a strong start. Musicians are interesting because people hear and feel the vulnerability they offer in their songs. You can use lyrics or disregard them, either way, you can still make a big impression. 

Raw emotions can be hard to express, but with the right sounds, you can tell a story. Playing with authenticity will push you to the furthest levels in your career and with yourself. 

2. It’s a Form of Self-Expression

Some people use paint brushes to express themselves while others use their voice or instruments. 

Depending on your notes and tempo, you can manipulate instruments to get your point across. Conveying emotions isn’t as intimidating, so it could be more beneficial than a therapy session. 

You can learn piano keys and songs to express yourself, instead of saying it outright. If you’re stuck selecting between a Casio vs. Yamaha, you must consider how much you want a keyboard to feel like a piano. Keyboards are more affordable than pianos and offer more creative flexibility. 

3. Learning Music Develops the Brain

When you learn something new, new connections and neurons fire in your brain. 

Learning to read music and play an instrument can take you to an entirely different level. Some people have even found it easier to learn new languages after practicing music and playing with different tones. Not only can music make you more intelligent, but it can also make you a better listener. 

4. You Can Turn a Hobby Into a Career 

There’s nothing better than turning a passion into a fulfilling career. 

If you enjoy playing music and get good enough, you will never feel like you’re working again. Unfortunately, most people go into jobs that are boring and unsatisfying. Although the money might take longer to come, you could be more successful if you work with the right motivation. 

Try to avoid putting expectations on your music, however, so you don’t lose authenticity. 

5. Instruments Can Make You a Critical Thinker 

Many people notice improvements in their memory and problem-solving after learning how to play music. 

Whether you play piano, clarinet, or drums, you’re enhancing your abilities. Listening to music has positive impacts on cognition, but as you start learning, you take another step forward. No matter what industry you choose for your professional career, music can prepare your mind to solve problems. 

6. You’ll Find Connections With Other Musicians 

Songs, struggles, and networking will introduce you to endless people.

Depending on how you showcase your musical abilities, you can even connect with large groups of fans. Working with other musicians will help form connections since art requires so much vulnerability. Don’t be afraid to say hello and make friends, they might be able to teach you something new! 

7. There’s a Chance to Create Something Original 

There are plenty of guitar cords and piano melodies that are overplayed and losing meaning. 

Luckily, there are endless options for making music, especially if you use unique combinations. After selecting a means for making music, you can team up with others to help create something unique. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and push the boundaries, this often leads to the most ground-breaking songs. 

8. New People Will Enter Your Life 

If you find a musical hobby, you’ll quickly discover how easy it is to make friends in the industry.

Even if you meet someone playing a different instrument, or focusing on vocals, you may still discover a lot in common. Artists are naturally drawn to each other from curiosity, but it also helps to know what others are doing to find success. As you look for mentors and connections, you’ll make lifelong friends along the way. 

9. You Can Prepare Yourself for the Spotlight

Every artist starts somewhere before making it big and selling out venues. 

What starts as a hobby could be an entry into the spotlight and help you create a legacy. Follow your instincts and understand that it’s a challenge to be successful in a music career. To make it big, you must find a balance between vulnerability and confidence. 

Use each practice and recital to prepare you for the stage. With enough preparation, you can play in front of anyone, without letting nerves get the best of you. 

10. Life Will Be Fun 

One of the most magical and enjoyable things humans have created is music. 

If you want to make the most of your life and create happiness, music could be the answer. Learning a musical instrument will require dedication, but if you see it through, playing will become effortless. Entering the creative, rather than learning, mindset lets you turn your emotions into a melody. 

So long as you aren’t creating a sad, emotional album, you can have fun spreading joy and getting people dancing! 

Light Up Life with a Musical Hobby 

A musical hobby is more than an activity, it’s a way to find yourself and bring people together. 

You can light up the lives of everyone around you by showing off your natural talents. While others are celebrating and dancing the night away, you’ll be improving your mind and starting a career. Being a musician will broaden your horizons and can take you around the world with enough practice. 

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