Is It Illegal To Buy RU58841?

There are more than dozens of hair-growth treatments out there on the market today. Some of them seem to work, while others seem to have no effect.

One treatment that’s been rising in popularity lately is RU58841. It’s been given credit as a surefire way to regulate hair growth. Unfortunately, not many people are sure what it is- or even if it’s legal.

That’s why we’ve created this article that explains what RU58841 is, its side effects, and if it’s even legal. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is RU58841?

RU58841 is a nonsteroidal anti-androgen (NSAA) most commonly known for its effects on body conditions that are piloted by androgens. The most popular condition that RU58841 is used to treat is hair loss but also helps with hirsutism (excessive hair growth).

Medical professionals and avid users alike report that RU58841 has effects similar to that of finasteride. When used twice daily, studies showed that using small doses of RU58841 is effective for treating hair loss.

Unfortunately, there is no FDA approval for RU58841 as of now since its effects are still being researched. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at what side effects (if any) RU58841 causes.

The Benefits of RU58841

RU58841 is a pretty strong antiandrogen. It’s taken in smaller doses to combat any unknown side effects.

As for what it does, well, it helps deal with hair loss. More specifically, male-patterned baldness (androgenetic alopecia). So far it seems to do its job pretty well with plenty of positive testimonials all online.) So get these SARMs for sale and get all the benefits it has.

Nevertheless, here are some potential benefits of using RU58841

  • Regulation in hair growth and hair loss
  • Strong DHT blocker
  • No negative effects on hormones (like finasteride might have)
  • Increased cellular reproduction rate

There are a few more, but they’re quite minuscule and rare. This substance is still under heavy research, so be cautious about what you read.

Ru58841’s Current Legal Status

Like many other androgen-related drugs or topicals, the legality around RU58841 is a little fuzzy. Some other androgen-targeting drugs like SARMs are in the same situation as RU58841, in that they are legal only in a specific case.

The specific case here is that they are legally sold as research chemicals. As long as they are being sold like that and not as a supplement or over-the-counter medication, it is safe to purchase them.

Once again, they are not yet FDA-approved. However, some people say it’s close to being approved since RU58841 is ‘safer’ than other prescription hair loss treatments.

Where To Buy RU58841

If you’re curious about trying RU58841, you’ll be happy to know that it’s available at a low price throughout the nation. There are RU58841 buy online options as well as some in-person stores to buy it.

If you’re looking for the best place to buy RU58841, consider checking out Anagen Inc. They carry a wide variety of different suppliers and strengths for RU58841, all of which are third-party tested and rated 99 percent pure.

We highly recommend checking out their options for buying RU58841.

Want To Know More?

So to put things into perspective, RU58841 is a legally sold, non-FDA-approved antiandrogen designed to regulate hair growth. It’s sold in different forms, with the most common being topical application.

Research is still ongoing regarding the effects of RU58841. Severe side effects are scarce, but we still recommend you consult a doctor before looking to Buy RU58841.

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