12 E-commerce SEO Checklist To Rank A Website

Do you want to make the website come in the top ranking? Well, SEO is your best friend, then.

It is important to develop search engine optimization strategies to generate more traffic and increase sales. The e-commerce SEO checklist is the main component to boost any website. It involves several steps to make all the things up to the mark.

Neglecting the use of search engine optimization will have a negative impact on the ranking. Therefore, following the methods and ways that will make the system more improved is the only solution.

What are the Benefits of E-commerce SEO Checklists? 

The biggest mistake anyone can make is to leave SEO aside. This will put the website at a low ranking. So the advantages are great if used in the correct ways.

Here are the 12 e-commerce SEO checklists to rank a website:

Checklist#1- SEO Titles

The creation of a unique title is significant. It works for both users and SEO. This makes the identification method easier.

Follow these steps to optimize the SEO titles:

  • Use words not more than 50-60 characters.
  • Try to add the brand name in the title.
  • Include the action words(buy) to attract the users.
  • Also, give some promotional offers to capture the interest.

These techniques work in making the ecommerce website top-ranked. According to the ecommerce development services, the title works in the most beneficial ways for ranking any website.

Checklist#2- Informative Content

It is important to write eye-catching and informative content to maintain the e-commerce SEO checklist. This will make it convenient for the readers to understand the written content.

It will double the purpose and make it readable. Content is the ultimate resource for creating the best search engine optimization. However, this results in excellent features and tremendous outcomes.

Checklist#3- Suitable Keywords

It is one of the most significant factors. Adding the right keyword can make the process of SEO faster. Thus, there are certain ways of reaching the correct keyword placements.

Some of the crucial things to note are:

  • Focus on head keywords.
  • Use fewer long-tail keywords.
  • Avoid unnecessary keywords.
  • Don’t go for repetitive words.

All the dos and don’ts can improve the overall functions of the content. Also, making useful changes can preserve keyword targeting for a long time.

Checklist#4- Increase Mobile Usability

Mobile applications and mobile-friendly versions of websites are the best. This completes the e-commerce SEO checklist and makes it more customizable. In addition, a wide range of tools is available to optimize the functioning of the mobile user interface.

Checklist#5- Remember Voice Search

The compatibility of e-commerce websites with voice searches has a lot of benefits. First, just like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, make the purpose clearer.

This will engage the users more. In addition, it will make the experience better.

Checklist#6- SEO Descriptions

Not only titles but SEO descriptions are more important too. It sums up the e-commerce SEO checklist, and users are aware of the details. This creates more awareness and generates more traffic.

Checklist#7- Include Images:

The recommended way to sort out the problems and make things more understandable. Images can make changes in the whole content. They can create better options for the users to keep things noticeable.

Pictures and images are the additional factors that keep the content more alive.

Checklist#8- Correct Structure

The website structure plays an important role in making usability more simple. Also, keeping the e-commerce SEO checklist correct, and the right and easy structure is significant for running the search engine at the right place.

A few of the mandatory features that should be used in the structure are:

  • Name of the product
  • Shipping details
  • Price
  • Color
  • Availability

The format plans are crucial. This makes the clear.

Checklist#9- Link Social Media Accounts

Although this is considered out of context, it has great value. By liking the social media account and putting the hashtags on the relative post with the chosen keyword tends to optimize business growth. Also, making it ranked in the top list.

Checklist#10- Try the Auditing Feature

Auditing has many unlimited benefits. The e-commerce SEO checklist is incomplete without this. However, there are certain ways to recognize the problems.

Some of the prominent pros of auditing the website are:

  • It detects potential SEO problems.
  • Also, it scans the common technical errors.
  • It gives suggestions for improvements.

However, there are greater chances that issues can decrease the function and speed of the SEO. So the solution is to find and resolve them for further productivity.

Checklist#11- Do Add 301 Redirect Pages

Deleting the expired pages is not a good decision. The best way is to redirect it to the new and fresh website. Also, the chances are great that the new website will be ranked too because of the ranking of the old page. Otherwise, the deleting process will complete the things.

Moreover, 301-page redirects are significant in making the customer retain. It will make the user redirect to the next page, which is functioning. This way, a customer will find the platform searching for.

Checklist#12- Work on Speed Time

It is important to focus on the loading time of the website. This also has a direct link with the SEO ranking, checking the backups. Also, making the necessary changes is helpful as users are easily diverted toward the other websites if the loading time is more than usual. This is why it is essential to concentrate on this element.

Try to make the loading time maximum up to 2-3 minutes. The time exceeding this limit will make it difficult for the users to operate. Also, improving the usability will directly impact the functioning of the website.


SEO ranking is the most important thing. It makes the basic structure of the website. This simplifies the usability and vice versa. So the significance is hidden in the understanding of its terms and features.

Therefore, search engine optimization tools are better for greater ranking. Also, these can improve the user experience as well.

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