15 Creative Advertising Ideas to Get Inspiration

We have stepped into a world that has no longer a place of just entertainment only. Now people like to learn along with entertainment to benefit themselves. Entrepreneurs are always encouraged to step ahead in every field for the audience.

Advertisements are no longer restricted to providing information about a brand rather people are attracted towards content that is inspiring. The advertisements need to be informative and inspirational to grab the attention of the audience. 

Creative Advertisement ideas

Digitalization has empowered different creative minds to work in their corresponding fields with distinction. Creativity is also important in advertisements so that the audience will head towards the brand after getting inspired by it. Some of the free advertising ideas are explained here:

1. Plastic-Free World

We have seen that because of the overuse of plastic we are damaging our marine life and endangering different species. An advertisement that depicts the threats to marine life due to the overuse of plastic would be inspirational. As we cannot use real animals in the advertisements hence we can use a cartoon character of Doratoon in place of a living animal.

2. Save Wildlife

Humans are the ones that are causing more damage to the other species. We must keep checking our activities to protect wildlife. Creative advertisements depicting an animal along with the consequences in its life using animation effects would be inspirational for the audience. Doratoon provides a helping hand in creating such a masterpiece.

3. Build the Future

Our future is our young generation and we must consider how to provide a healthy and informative environment to them. An advertisement which depicts the contrast of mental level of children in the past and present era would be inspirational. A person can use SOOMUS to combine two videos with different backgrounds of past and future to depict children.

4. Knowledge Accessibility

It was the mentality that was considered in the past that knowledge is only accessible to the high class. It would be inspirational for the common people if they watch the accessibility of knowledge to the common people. You can use SOOMUS to display different interviews of the people who are from the average class but have attained high goals.

5. Fulfill your dreams

The first hindrance that a person faces in the achievement process is the restriction of his or her mind. An advertisement that depicts to the audience that consistent work would be enough to fulfill dreams would be very inspirational. You can choose a cartoon character from Doratoon to teach the audience that by working hard they can get the goal.

You can learn more from different tools to make inspirational advertisements including Doratoon.

6. Animal protection

Due to overpopulation in the growing world, it has become very difficult for human beings to fulfill their basic needs. People have almost forgotten about animals and their basic needs. Advertisements that explain the current condition of animals enhance sympathy and inspire people to help them. SOOMUS and Doratoon both would help you in this regard.

7. Women’s protection

Women are considered to be delicate and fragile because of it most of the time men try to control them like Masters. We have seen that different women are facing domestic violence issues in almost every part of the world. An advertisement by using SOOMUS would depict the contrast of a woman who faces violence and the woman who doesn’t can be inspirational.

8. Shot now

We have seen that most of the people in the world are unable to do what they want. A person who wants to paint or a person who wants to take photographs can be encouraged by an advertisement. You just need to have a cartoon character in the advertisement which explains how to live life freely and follow the dreams right now would be inspirational.

9. Save food

Due to overpopulation, poor people are becoming poorer. There are some countries like Africa and Nigeria where people are suffering and have a shortage of food. An advertisement which shows the interviews or the life of people living at such places would encourage others to save food and help the people out there.

10. Fashion

Many men and women are very interested in the latest trending fashion ideas and want to adopt them by using different means. By using the latest trending fashion styles and models you can create inspiring advertisements for both women and men. You can use animation and can personalize your advertisement by using different props and characters Doratoon is providing. 

11. Stop Child labor

If you are advertising your school, academy or any educational institution then work on the motto to educate society by stepping towards avoiding child labor and promoting education. To make your advertisement more interesting for the children add cartoon characters and related props by using Doratoon as an animation maker. 

12. Be happy

You can incorporate “joy marketing” campaigns into your advertising strategy. Try to inspire people to find their happiness as happiness always resides in our minds. You can encourage sharing goods in society using cartoon characters of Doratoon in terms of describing sharing happiness in the society. 

13. It’s Ok

It is a known saying that there is no place without forgiveness.  Inspire people to forgive through your advertisement.  Advertise these types of ideas on special occasions to encourage people to forgive and renew their connections. Add Gifts exchange using Doratoon as a sign of building relationships and prove that it is ok to forgive and move on. 

14. Create your World

In the world of junk and unhealthy eating habits, you can inspire people by offering them organic food. Organic things are pure, free of harmful chemicals, and helpful in improving certain health conditions. You can present different people using organic food and make the world a better place with some editing in advertisements using SOOMUS.

15. Life is too short to worry

When people are worried and sad, a funny and interesting advertisement can bring smiles to their faces. Try to add humor to your advertisement to make it enjoyable. It is recommended to incorporate the animation of Doratoon in your advertising strategy as animated videos are interesting and can be more memorable. 

Ending Remarks

The restrictions and requirements of this world have changed over time. The world needs to be creative and inspirational in addressing the field of life. If we specifically talk about advertisements then you must consider that advertisements need to be informative and inspirational to grab the attention.

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