4 Important Tips for Your Job Hunt

Are you ready to start the search for a new job? Before you start scouring job boards and typing out cover letters, you should read these four job hunting tips.

1. Go to a Recruitment Agency

A job search can feel like a real slog, especially when you’re not sure where to find the right opportunities. Speed up your search with the help of professional recruiters that specialize in your field.

Are you interested in sales? You can get a great career in the sales industry with the help of a sales recruitment agency. They will find you openings that match your personal interests and your qualifications, leading you to stellar opportunities that could be hard to access all on your own.

Recruitment agencies will also make you look impressive right off the bat. Having their seal of approval before you even have an interview will improve your chances of landing an impressive job.

2. Practice Interviewing

It’s normal to be nervous in a job interview. Unfortunately, those nerves can get the best of you and affect your performance in front of the hiring manager. You could find yourself stumbling over answers to simple questions or rambling on for far too long.

Are you nervous during interviews? You can get rid of those jitters by practicing. Prepare your answers to common interview questions ahead of time, and ask a supportive friend to interview you, so you can rehearse giving out your answers in a conversation. Practice makes perfect!

3. Clean Up Your Social Media

Of course, hiring managers look at your social media. It gives them a quick view into who they’re hiring, what they’re like and whether they’re showing any signs of red flags.

Go through your social media accounts to see what posts you’ve made. Think like a hiring manager — are they appropriate? Would you hire this person? If you see anything that gives off a bad impression, you could hide or delete it. Or you could go a step further and go to the account settings to make your account private. Anyone who isn’t a friend or follower won’t be able to see what you’ve posted.

You should make sure that your profile pictures for your accounts are always appropriate. While a stranger may not be able to search through a private profile, they can still see that photo. If there’s any chance that the photo could leave recruiters with a bad impression, change it to something more professional and palatable.

4. Show Off with Social Media

While you might want to hide some of your social media activity from view, some of your accounts can make you look more attractive as a job candidate! For instance, having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and plenty of network connections on the app will be seen as a green flag by many hiring managers.

What other ways can you use your social media to look like a good candidate?

  • Post photos of networking events you’re at (for example, sales conferences).
  • Make instructional videos where you teach viewers a work-related skill (for example, how to use spreadsheet software).
  • Make posts about topics related to your field. This will show your active interest in your field and help you spark conversations with people in your network.

Don’t go into your job hunt unprepared. Follow these tips so that you can land a great job this year.

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