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5 Best Leather Ottomans For Your Mid Century Modern Decor

Mid Century modern decor refers to the design style that dominated between 1940 and 1960. Mid-century pieces’ clean lines and practical nature are timeless and carry easily into other design aesthetics. For this reason, the style continues to resurface and is again experiencing a popularity surge. If you want to incorporate the mid century modern look in your space, a simple leather ottoman can bring the style’s elements to any room in your home.


Highly ornate furnishings, architectural elements, or decorative objects have no place in mid century modern style. Instead, proponents of the design aesthetic are drawn to the minimalistic look to encourage a simpler, more organic lifestyle. The unembellished, classic shape of the Sequoia Leather Ottoman embodies that look of understated, clean lines. This leather ottoman in cognac tan or midnight blue would be a perfect living room or bedroom accent piece.

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes, specifically curved lines, are a staple of midcentury style. Mixing in rounded upholstered pieces with the clean lines of wooden furniture is a great way to add high interest to your design. The round leather top of the Gio Leather Ottoman with its unique geometric stitching combines beautifully with its simple wooden legs to create a powerful statement piece for your mid-century living room.

Mixed materials

Mid-Century Modern style focused heavily on natural materials, such as wood, stone, and leather. While these materials are individually interesting, they really pop when mixed. The Jarmo Leather Ottoman with Walnut Table combines the clean lines of a walnut coffee table with the supple grain of the leather ottoman for a multi-functional statement piece that adds character to any space.


Speaking of multi-functional, the mid century modern design aesthetic values pieces that serve various purposes. The leather ottoman is the perfect example of this. It can provide additional seating, improve the chair’s comfort by serving as a leg-rest, or function as a coffee table with the simple addition of a tray on top. To add additional uses for the ottoman, the Senja Storage Leather Ottoman opens to provide a storage solution for toys, blankets, books, or other objects that need to be stowed out of sight.

Pops of Color

In keeping with the midcentury emphasis on natural materials, the design’s color palette is mostly neutral. However, the look is brightened with pops of color in shades that bring nature indoors, including muted yellows, woodsy greens, and burnt oranges. A leather ottoman such as the Herve Storage Leather Ottoman provides the perfect opportunity for adding a color statement amidst an otherwise neutral design palette.

Find the Perfect Leather Ottoman

Whether your entire home is decorated in the mid century modern design or you want to incorporate specific pieces into other styles for a more eclectic look, the leather ottoman is a versatile piece that gives a midcentury modern nod while playing well with others. 

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