5 Major Differences Between Online Casinos and Offline Casinos

History of Gambling?

Gambling is the staking of something of value, with the hope of gaining and fully aware of the risk of loss, on the outcome of a contest or an event determined by chance. It is said that gambling has been part of human existence since the beginning of time, but physical evidence was found in ancient China. They had developed a game of rudimentary chance that involved tile and the ‘drawing of wood’. 

What followed was the widespread acceptance of gambling, even though it was illegal in most jurisdictions. One of the first ever casino betting establishments was built in Venice, Italy in 1638. Its main purpose was to provide controlled gambling during the carnival season. 

From the complete ban on gambling in the 1890s, it started sprouting once again and legalised in Nevada in 1931. Fast forward to the mid 90’s when online gaming sites began to appear. The internet paved way for the online gambling world to make its debut. 

The Birth of Online Gaming

The Caribbean nation of Antigua and Berbuda passed its Free Trade and Processing Act making it possible to grant licences to businesses interested in operating casinos. A software providing company called Microgaming continues to play a prominent role in the online gaming industry, as it did from the very beginning.

The end of 1997 saw huge growth in the industry, with over 200 online sportsbooks and casinos across the world. Casino betting was generating an annual revenue of close to $1 billion.

Difference Between Online Casinos and Offline Casinos

With the online casinos like readily available to anyone with a smartphone and internet, one may wonder if a land based casino is an option to consider. Below is a list of differences that will assist in making the choice between the two.

  • Wagering on Games

Online casinos use third party payment methods to play while with land based casinos, one deposits cash in exchange for tokens or chips. A younger player may prefer to pay for his games using a credit card while his father will choose to visit the brick-and-mortar establishment and pay for chips. 

  • Safety and Security

Reputable online casinos offer a private experience where no one has to know that you are gambling. All the information shared on the gaming websites is encrypted. With the land based casinos, one is always at risk since they are in the full view of fellow patrons. 

  • Game Selection

Offline casinos offer a limited number of games constrained by the physical space in which they operate. Online casinos on the other hand offer numerous casino betting games that are updated every few weeks. This keeps the punter engaged and constantly challenged by new games offered by the platform. More games also create greater chances of winning.

  • Promotion and Bonuses

Land based casinos used to reward their loyal clients for patronising their venue and avoiding the competition. This has however been overshadowed by perks and bonuses offered by online casinos. From free spins, to No-deposit bonuses, online casinos stand out as the most convenient method of gambling.

  • Social Interaction

Apart from the glamourous atmosphere and excitement that they offer, offline casinos also provide the social interaction that online casinos work. The human element present at the blackjack table is impossible to replicate on the online version of blackjack. 

Final Words

Online casinos offer a different experience as compared to the land based casinos. The preference may largely depend on the demographic and expectations of the gambler. With a clear understanding of both, one can make an informed choice on their favoured casino betting platform.

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