5 Signs Your Car Needs Servicing

Car Servicing! Cars are not human beings, but they still need repairs. Not every car has Toyota-levels of reliability. Reliability is a strong factor in cars. You do not want to purchase a car with your hard-earned money only to spend more on repairing costs alone. Every car has a bad day, and even the most reliable cars need to be treated with care. Even if it is a reliable Korean SUV Hyundai Palisade or the Japanese Toyota 4Runner or if it’s an American car like Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, or Dodge Charger.

This is why there are dealerships and service centers. Your car might not be truly harmed, or even have a scratch from the outside. But inside the car, a lot can go wrong. If you do not get it checked within time, you will only have yourself to blame. As is the case like a human with the disease, a car with problems will also show you symptoms. You can choose to ignore them and be stranded in a desolate place away from home, or you can get it checked within time and be thankful.

What is servicing?

If you didn’t already know, servicing a car is the act of taking it to a mechanic (usually, at dealerships); and they will check your car for problems and fix your problems. Now, certain manufacturers will offer you scheduled maintenance. It will be a part of the warranty package.

The scheduled maintenance will be a complimentary check-up and repair after a certain threshold is crossed (such as 5,000 miles traveled). In a typical servicing, your car will be checked at the dealerships and potential problems will be fixed. If there are no problems, your car will still get an engine oil change and some tune-ups to help keep it running smoothly.

If your car does not have scheduled maintenance, or if you have already availed it; then, you might have to dish out some cash in order to get your car checked. However, it is always recommended to get things checked before anything goes haywire and you are left in an undesirable situation.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of 5 signs that mean that your car needs a repairing:

Flashing warning lights

Modern cars are helpful, in the way that they can let you know if any of the internal parts are not functioning properly. As you know, you can have several bits and pieces of information on your car’s instrument cluster, or gauge cluster. One of those pieces of crucial information is the lights.

There is the “check engine” light, for example. When that glows, it is a sign to get your car to a doctor’s appointment. However, let’s say everything is running so smoothly in your car that you completely forget that you have a servicing due.

The car will also let you know about that. Basically, the gauge cluster will have a light lit up every time there is a problem with the engine, or transmission, or any other internal part. If you see such a sign, immediately take your car to a service center; and do not ignore it. It can prove to be fatal if not taken care of.


A car will emit smoke, that is no surprise. However, it can be a big surprise if the smoke is not coming from the exhaust, but rather from under the hood. As hilarious as it sounds, it is not to be taken lightly at all. A smoke coming from under the hood could potentially be a problem related to your car overheating. It must be pretty obvious, as it is common sense. It can also become a fire hazard.

However, if there is excess smoke being chugged out from your exhaust, that is a troubling sign too. You need to need a change your old exhaust system with a commodore ute exhaust system. If you see black smoke or excess smoke from your car’s exhaust, that might include a problem with the engine, or the exhaust system, or could be a potential oil leak. In this case, you should purchase a performance exhaust system from reputed companies like: for your automobile. Always take your car to the service center and make sure to get it checked for all the potential problems.

Weird noises

Your car making funny noises is not actually funny at all. At times, the noises might start to sound creepy too. Well, it is creepy, at least for your car. When you hearweird noises coming from your car that is actually an indicator of an underlying problem. For example, whenever you apply the brakes, if you hear a loud squeal that means your brakes are not working properly.

Similarly, if you suddenly start hearing more and more road-noise, that could mean your tires are not properly inflated; or perhaps there is a problem with your suspension. If you hear loud noises coming from your engine, well, that is also a recipe for disaster. All of these should prompt a visit to the car clinic.


This is also a no-brainer. If your car is leaking, in any form, any fluid, that means you should book an appointment soon. There can be an oil leak, which will not only empty your tank (and your wallet) pretty soon but alsoposes a fire hazard. There are other fluids inside cars too, such as engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant fluid, etc. If you notice any sort of liquid on where you park your car, you are surely going to need to get servicing. Remember, there can be leaks from the exhaust too. So, keep checking.

Steering problems

Steering problems are not as common as the other four, but it is one of the deadliest problems that can arise. If the car sways in one direction too much, or it’s becoming increasingly difficult for you to steer your car; that is a big problem. The car might slip out of control if there are such problems, and it might end up causing a crash.

You might also experience problems with your car’s ride quality and suspension. If you notice that yoursuspension is not working properly, that also means something is going wrong internally. You can leave all your work and get your car to a mechanic as soon as possible, especially if you encounter steering problems. Do not take it lightly, as it might lead to fatal consequences.

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