5 Signs Your Old Windows Need To Be Replaced

Old windows cost your home more than curb appeal; with most old windows, an estimated 15 percent of your home’s energy is lost through these windows. Replacing old windows is one of the best home upgrades you can make.

The new windows will hold in heat during winter and maintain comfortable temperatures inside during summer. The replacement windows combine an increased level of comfort with energy savings. Investing in a replacement is a wise move to add value to your home while creating a safe space for your family.

Fortunately, you’ve arrived at this beneficial resource to learn the tips to identify if you need to replace your old windows. Continue reading to gain knowledge about home maintenance today!

1. Difficult to Open and Close

Windows that require significant effort and patience to open and close are frustrating. Sliding a window up or down should be effortless, providing access to fresh air and a comforting breeze.

Double-hung windows are among the easiest to operate. If your windows aren’t sliding or cranking how they used to, you may need window repairs or replacements.

2. Uncomfortable Drafts

If your old windows are causing uncomfortable drafts on cold nights, it’s a sign you need to begin repairing windows or shopping for replacement options. Not only will the comfort level in your home be lower with these windows, but you’ll pay far more in energy bills.

Your heater will work overtime to compensate for the heat leaking through old and broken window seals. Buying new windows is a cost-effective way to use less energy. Consider energy-efficient windows like the ones from American Vision Windows to provide the comfort and security your family deserves.

3. Excessive Exterior Noise

A window sealed to the outdoors will eliminate much of the activities happening on the street or in neighboring yards. If you hear every word from your neighbor’s backyard BBQ, it’s worth shopping for a replacement window option. Windows with multiple panes or thicker glass will do more to prevent noise from entering your home.

4. Outdated Style

Rustic homes carry significant charm and appeal, but holding onto your old windows is a mistake. Styles change, and you must change your windows to suit your home’s exterior aesthetic as it evolves. If your windows no longer match your home’s curb appeal, it’s time to upgrade.

5. Window Damage

Window damage is among the most apparent signs you need to replace your old windows with upgraded options. Look for options with more window insulation to provide stable and comfortable interior temperatures. Water damage, cracks, and chips are all signs you need a replacement window.

Find Replacements for Your Old Windows Today

Upgrading your home often involves a new kitchen or main bathroom, but replacing old windows is an excellent alternative. Monitor your energy bill and check for drafts if you need a window replacement to increase energy efficiency. Window damage and excessive exterior noise are other signs you should upgrade your windows.

Enhancing your home’s curb appeal is essential when you become a first-time homeowner. Read our blog content for more tips and guidance to improve your home today!

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