5 Things to Do After a Bicycle Accident

Although safety should come first when you are cycling, the odds are stacked against you because there are much more cars than two-wheelers. Thus, you or a fellow rider could one day be involved in a collision with a vehicle. 

Knowing what to do straight away will help you safeguard your rights or the rights of a companion who could have suffered serious injuries. A bicycle accident attorney should be able to help you with any incident that you might have been involved in. At the same time, use the following checklist to keep everything under control and safeguard important data:

Use your cell phone to call the police as soon as possible, even if you feel good and have no discomfort at the time of the accident. Most of the injuries that result from accidents manifest hours or days after the incident – so, you never know what could happen in a couple of hours. 

Additionally, instruct the driver to stay there until the police arrive. When they come, inform the agents of everything that happened. The police officer can issue a ticket to the driver, helping to resolve the matter with the insurance provider. 

It also aids in locating the responsible driver. Later, you should get in touch with the police to confirm that the data written on the report is accurate. If it’s not, you can submit an amended report to add the correct information.

  • Await the Arrival of the Police

If there are any injuries or property damage, you and the other driver are required by law to stay at the site. Wait for the police to show up even if you do not think you were hurt. As mentioned above, it is possible that you will not notice your injuries right away. Also, if you leave the scene, it could be hard to find the driver and request compensation from them.

  • Record Everything You Can

Keep in mind every aspect of the accident, including the weather, road, and traffic conditions, as well as when, where, and how it occurred. As quickly as you can, record everything. Create maps or diagrams that depict the location and movement of each participant. Streets, signage, and traffic signals should be included. 

Portland bicycle accident lawyers advise using your phone to record a detailed explanation of what happened from your perspective. The significance of this film cannot be stressed enough since your memory of the incident may change over time. 

Additionally, take as many photographs of the area where the accident happened, your bicycle, the automobile that hit you, and all of your injuries. As a backup, text your pictures and videos to a friend or member of your family.

  • Gather Data from the Driver and Witnesses

If at all feasible, gather any details on the driver and any witnesses, including their names, contact information (phone and address), driver’s license and car registration numbers, and insurance details. Record and photograph their identification documents and list the names and contact details of any witnesses.

  • Speak with an Experienced Lawyer 

Usually, attorneys have a wealth of expertise in securing the greatest settlement for accident injuries, whether you were a pedestrian or riding a bicycle. A collision with a car frequently leads to significant harm because of the vulnerable position of a bike rider. This means that often, the driver is to blame for the collision, not the cyclist.

The Bottom Line

Have you ever been in a bicycle collision? Has anybody you know ever been in a bicycle accident? Do you have anything to add to the list of activities to do after such an accident? Keep in mind that, as a biker, you have the same rights and obligations as car drivers. 

However, it is also in your best interests to follow the necessary procedures after an accident to ensure these rights are protected. Drivers need to respect bicyclists and must be careful of sharing the road respectfully and preventing accidents.

A bicycle accident attorney may defend you in court if required, deal with insurance companies on your behalf, and engage a specialist to investigate the accident. For this reason, it is best to contact the attorney prior to contacting the insurance company. Just remember that everything you say or do can be and most of the time, will be used against you in court. So, stay silent until your lawyer arrives at the scene.

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