6 Effective OKR’s for Marketing Teams

Having a product vision is an essential part of marketing your product. It would help if you had a picture of where you’d like to take your business so you can plan how to attain it. Therefore, this requires you to have product goals and measure the success of the product. Typically, marketing teams use different frameworks to set goals and objectives, and key results (OKR) are among them. OKRs link the product objectives with crucial results to measure achievement.

Here are 6 practical OKRs useful for marketing teams:

Inbound Marketing OKRS

Inbound marketing requires that you attract potential customers to come to you instead of going in search of them. To gain these potential leads, you can offer giveaways to boost your reputation as a brand. All these leads have to do is sign up with their contact information such as email addresses to receive the giveaways. This mutually benefiting relationship means they get the free stuff, and you have them as leads who can recommend your products and services. Be sure to capture the right audience’s attention to your business and then build a relationship with them.

PPC Marketing OKRs

Pay per click is a new way to market your products and services online. As an advertiser, you are required to pay a certain agreed fee every time an individual clicks your ads. Simply put, this is a way to purchase visits to your website hence boosting your brand awareness and arousing interest in your products to potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) OKR

SEO is a great way to attract potential customers to your website. Your website should contain helpful information that pops up whenever a potential customer searches for your products and services; this will make the user develop interest hence the need to research your brand further. You, therefore, need to ensure that you feature keywords that you want to appear in the search engine, increase the number of your top-ranking articles and follow the backlinks of key industry leaders.

Product Marketing OKR

As the name suggests, a product marketing OKRs is useful in monitoring the growth and success of your products or services. Usually, in most business organizations, the sales, and marketing teams is responsible for setting and developing these measurements; they should do it in liaison with other departments in the organization

To create effective product marketing OKRs, you have to convince your clients to pay for your products and services on the free usage plan. The marketing should develop persuasion strategies to convince them to ditch the free plans for paid premium services. Another great way to make a good product marketing OKR is to increase customer engagements to create bonds that transform them into loyal customers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) OKR

Social media is part and parcel of our lives, hence the increasing demand for online marketing. To achieve success in social media marketing OKR, you need to have a significant presence in your social media accounts- this means increasing your social media followers and engagements with your followers.

Content Marketing OKR

Keep your business in the mind of your customers! Content marketing does just that for you. This strategic marketing approach will enable you to create and share online content such as posts and videos. This way, you promote your brand and stimulate the interest of probable clients regarding your product and services.

Try OKR Marketing Today!

Creating a product is just the beginning of your journey. The next step is to make your product a success, and every effort needs to be linked to the main goals and objectives. Having the right OKRs can help boost your brand and attract potential customers, hence ensuring the success of your brand!

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