6 Myths Surrounding Dermal Fillers

Are you thinking of getting dermal fillers? Are you having doubts as you’ve heard many rumors about it, good or bad? Well, don’t worry! To help you decide, we’ve covered popular myths about dermal fillers. Also, find out whether or not dermal fillers are effective and safe! 

First, let’s learn about Dermal fillers and how it’s done!  

What exactly are Dermal Fillers? 

Dermal Fillers or Injectable Implants are medical device implants to create a fuller and smoother appearance in your face, involving nasolabial folds, lips, back of the hands, chin, and cheeks. It is an uncomplicated procedure approved by the FDA that is done by numbing the area of the face to be treated. You might have some temporary side effects. Dermal fillers are like cheap beauty products helping you get rid of aging signs. If you’re unsure where to go on your first ever dermal filler experience, has a lot to offer!

Myths Surrounding Dermal Fillers 

Myth 1- Dermal Fillers Hurt 

Dermal fillers are applied on the face with a numbing substance that provides relief from discomfort. Going to the dentist is more painful than getting a facial filler because there are no aches and pains throughout the process or after the anesthesia wears off. 

Myth 2: Dermal Fillers Look Fake 

Most people think fillers are the same as any other cosmetic surgery that makes you look doctored or fake. But the truth is fillers make your skin look more natural than ever. If the right amount of filler is applied to your face by the professional, it will make your skin look real and beautiful. In addition, it doesn’t involve any dangerous risk, and they are reversible.  

Myth 3: Once You Have Dermal Fillers, You Must Continue Getting Them 

One of the highly prevalent things surrounding Dermal fillers is that you have to keep getting them once you get them. Otherwise, your skin will sag and droop more than it originally did. 

In reality, when the effects of fillers diminish, the skin will get back to its pre-filler state. So, the only reason people keep getting them is that they are satisfied and happy with the results and want to slow down the aging process.  

Myth 4: Dermal Fillers Take Longer Time to Recover 

The recovery time is minimal. Slight bruising or swelling may occur, which can be hidden with foundation or addressed with a cool compress. There is no downtime after taking a filler, but if you’re planning a major event, it’s preferable to take it at least a week ahead of time rather than the day before. 

Myth 5: Fillers are Irreversible 

Many people think that once they have a filler, it will leave a permanent alteration that cannot be revered. Again, it’s a myth. The dermal fillers comprise hyaluronic acid. If you do not like the results, it can be reversed by inserting hyaluronidase to neutralize hyaluronic acid. It will cause the dermal filler to break down, and your skin will be as it was before the filler.  

Myth 6: Dermal fillers stretch lips and skin and make them sag 

This myth originates from the idea that as the initial effects fade, the skin will sag or the lips appear stretched. While the appearance of facial fillers does not persist indefinitely, neither does their effect on the skin. When the dermal fillers dissolve, the skin will get back to its natural state, and you will seem as you did before the procedure. 

Do not let your aging signs take away your confidence!

With the world going advanced, you can improve your appearance too with advanced dermal fillers. There has been increased demand for such fillers due to their satisfying and incredible results. When applied properly by a professional, you will get the best outcome to reduce wrinkles.

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