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7 Best Tips To Increase Followers on Your Instagram

Having instagram followers means absolutely nothing if you do not have an engaged following. Your fans should visit your pages, purchase your products through instagram. So, the main point of having followers is to have a presence or an influential personality.

Instagram is a major platform for brand promotions and having conversations with people that might help your business in every way. There are so many options to get instagram followers. If you ever feel that your instagram account is not performing as you wanted it to then you have many options to improve the fan following.

Having a robust instagram account is amazing for marketing and promotions. You can adopt multiple strategies to improve the looks of your accounts so that it grows organically and not by any tactics. Obviously brands will not wait years to grow their followers on instagram. They resort to other strategies to buy Instagram followers and get more likes.

Do you know how difficult it is to grow followers on Instagram? This is a real struggle and given below you will find some tips that will help you increase your followers on Instagram:

●  Optimize

The first and foremost thing is to make sure that your Instagram account is fully optimized. Optimization means everything should be updated. Right from your bio, username, profile photo to your account settings. Everything should be functional. By doing so people will see how effectively you have maintained your account and they will definitely start following you.

● Prepare a content calendar

Haphazardly posting content can denote laziness and unplanned behavior. People tend to prefer such accounts very less. So, maintain a content calendar and based on it post your content. Usually it is said that posting multiple times a day is not a healthy practice and it irritates people. So, always follow a timeline- posting once in two days or deciding some fixed days in a week when you will post. It will make people wait for your posts.

● Schedule your posts

When you post the right thing at the right time then chances are your content will be visible to the masses and you will get more likes and comments on your posts. You can check how frequently instagram changes its algorithm. These changes have made it possible for the creators to check what people like and when they check their apps. So, if you schedule your posts accordingly then chances are you will get more followers.

● Hire or collaborate with partners to promote your content

If you know some influencers or any person that might help you in promoting the content and your business on instagram then you should use this opportunity to get more followers. Buying followers is another option but hiring someone to promote your content is a more organic way of increasing the reach.

● Remove any fake followers

Fake and legit followers obviously make a difference on your account. Fake followers are not actively engaged in any way and do not contribute anything to your account. People might get attracted due to the number of followers that will increase instantly after purchasing followers. But to be true, real followers are worth more even if they do not like your content.

● Link Instagram with other accounts

If you use multiple social media platforms then you need to link your instagram account on each of it. Linking your instagram will give more people access to explore and enjoy the content of your account. You need to develop visibility of your account in every possible way and linking on other sites is the best option. It will create a network of people on multiple sites with your instagram handle.

●  Post what your followers want

Post what your followers want. It is easy to say but not always followed. Constantly finding relatable content for your audience can be tedious but the results will always make it worth the effort. Every small detailing that you do on your post to impress the audience will always give you desired results. It is a great way to get more audience because people love trends and relatable content.


The more popular your account, the more it will grow. So, to grow your account you will need an audience i.e. followers. There are so many best sites to buy instagram followers. These followers will give you the reach that you need to promote the products and build an image for your brand. Instagram can be a perfect marketplace for many sites and individual businesses.

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