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7 Things everyone gets wrong about Yacht rentals

You have finally decided to undertake a luxury yacht trip which you have also been dreaming of for years together. First of all, I would like to say congratulations on your first yacht trip. Second of all, I would like to know if you are thoroughly prepared to go on that trip. If yes, that’s cool. If not, you must be aware that there are risks if you aren’t prepared while going on a yacht rental.

Otherwise, maybe this is your first time. And you might be afraid of making mistakes that newbies usually do while chartering a yacht. Certainly, a few mistakes will make your charter difficult, sad, or even scary!

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We’ll assist you to charter a yacht and experience a memorable vacation. And that’s for sure!

To book yacht rentals for your holiday is a thrilling experience. And you will have to undergo such an experience at least once a lifetime. Because life’s all about the thrill, right?

The 7 common things which most travelers get wrong about yacht rentals are below- take a glance and try avoiding them.

Not following the rules on the yacht

You need to pay attention to all the safety measures when you are inside the yacht. Always listen to the crew as well as your captain. Mostly the land and onboard laws remain the same.

Inquire the crew if you want to smoke because smoking in the interior areas isn’t permitted. If you are taking your pet or have kids accompanying you, inform the rental company while booking. So these are the things to inquire beforehand to avoid disappointment and to adhere to the rules.

Hiring a yacht from a suspicious company

Run away from the yacht rental company if you have the minutest doubt about them or their policies. Whether doubts related to its reliability, seriousness, or price. Do not commit the blunder of signing a contract with a dubious rental company because that will seriously cause bad consequences.

Just imagine, if your luxury yacht trip gets spoiled after spending a lot of money on it. Otherwise, worse, getting stranded in an open sea with no help. Beware of the yacht rentals you choose!

Relying only on online research

We do much of our research only on the internet. But there is a difference when we go in person and inquire about the rental company. Many websites do not give the latest information about yacht rentals. So it is better to research both online and offline before coming to a decision about picking a yacht rental company to travel with.

Not traveling ashore

When you travel in a luxury yacht along with an amazing crew, you won’t feel like getting off the yacht. Nevertheless, your caption will show you around some amazing must-visit places, and you must not miss the opportunity of visiting them all. Have a lit time visiting nice restaurants, museums, or beaches. Your crew will indeed organize those fantastic visits.

Concentrating only on the yacht’s size and appearance

Your yacht trip is not about the size and appearance but the experience and memories. And that is what you take away with you at the end of the trip. It is important to focus on how the crew treats you, the amenities, the sailing experience the yacht gives you, and the feeling you get. Prefer quality over external beauty!

Don’t rush from destination to destination

People who usually are newbies try covering all the itineraries and end up not enjoying anything. Instead of rushing from one stunning spot to the next, just sit back, enjoy that spot, experience everything, and then move on to the next. Sometimes covering everything might be overwhelming, so have a lavish time on the yacht.

Miscalculating the budget for your stay

One of the biggest blunders newbies commit, is they don’t calculate or wrongly calculate the budget. Ask the yacht advisor everything he proposes about the budget. The charter price covers the fee for the yacht, crew’s salary, insurance, and the water toys in it. Plus, the VAT is included separately to cover all the extra stuff like the food, cigars, communications, fuel, drinks, park entrance fees, and others. Check with your yacht advisor and proceed if everything serves you rightly.

Summing it up

These are the most frequent blunder that newbies and travelers commit while chartering a yacht. After reading this, you will enjoy your yacht rental trip in peace.

We would like to highlight again- plan your trip with a reputed yacht rental company to enjoy and have a safe trip. Never pack things only at the last minute. And while booking your yacht rental, be specific. The crew ought to ensure you get all your favorite things, special requests like food for your kids, and specific places to visit. So be specific about your needs and cooperate properly with them.

Last but not the least, enjoy to the core but respect the premises and don’t litter it. Consider the yacht rental as your house!

Happy cruising!

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