BEGINNER CYCLISTS has seen tremendous growth in the last year. More and more people are getting off on two wheels and exploring. Very exciting. It’s also intimidating.

Every time you start a new sport, there is always a learning curve. Each sport has its own characteristics.

We aim to simplify some of these learning processes and answer your questions, whether you know them or not. Here are 10 tips for beginner cyclists.

Choose the right bike.

Which cycle is suitable for you depends on the area you plan to use and your individual preferences.

A good road bike will thrill you to cruise down an abandoned land road, while a sturdy mountain bike can take you down single tracks on off-road hills.

Hybrid bikes and e-bikes are also available. Your local bike shop is great for asking questions and getting the right bike fit for you.

Find out about your local bike shop.

Attentive service, reliable quality, and knowledgeable staff are a few reasons you should turn to your local bike shop for help.

Buy a bike there, and it will be tailored to fit you perfectly. You can also expect it to help you maintain your bike for years to come.

Not only do we invest in quality bikes, but we also invest in small businesses in our community.

Learn more about bicycle safety.

A quality and well-maintained bicycle is the first step to safety. Next, ensure you have the right gear, including a good, well-fitting helmet.

You need a helmet with a MIPS design that not only protects against impact injuries but also protects against rotational forces. MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.

There are helmets for men and women. Other important safety equipments are bells and lights for early morning, late night, fog, and bad weather.

Choose brightly colored clothing or wear a brightly reflective vest to stand out on the street. Planning your route in advance avoids busy roads and makes driving safer and more relaxed.

Clothing matter.

Cyclists have good reasons to choose their own clothes. Soft-lined Lycra cycling shorts make riding easier and more comfortable.

Cycling apparel is designed to make your bike feel more comfortable and last longer, regardless of your riding level.

Whether you’re roaming a block or riding across the country, cycling apparel will make your ride more comfortable.

Track your stats with the cycle gadget.

Yes, smartphone apps can track your driving, but the benefit is that you can see all your stats at a glance.

Knowing your speed and cadence while riding can help you learn and improve. Models with GPS help maintain a planned route. You can also choose to track your heart rate.

Preparing to Repair.

A simple repair kit can save the day if things don’t go as planned. Patch and inflate flat tires, secure chains, and make other necessary adjustments with this small repair kit that attaches easily to your bike frame.

Beginner cyclists who may find it inconvenient to repair themselves should carry the necessary items. Buy a kit designed specifically for road or mountain bikes. Our preferred option is a kit mount to the post under the saddle, so it will remain there until you need it.

Whichever kit you choose, make sure you have two extra cameras, multiple tools, mounting hardware, and a small pump.

Change positions while riding.

Move your hands over the handlebars and the dorsal end over the saddle. Being in the same position for a long time can prevent numbness in your hands, forearms, and buttocks.

Do not drive with headphones on.

It can be very dangerous if you can’t hear an ambulance or other noise from behind or next to you. If you need music, get a small clip-on radio with a speaker that you can attach to a t-shirt.

Raise your head while riding .

Look ahead far enough to cope with obstacles on the road or on the side of the road. Unfortunately, things like rainwater drainage grids are not very good for thin road bike tires.

Get the right saddle.

Choosing the right saddle can make a big difference when riding. However, don’t think the thickest padding will provide you with the most relaxing ride.

Longer cutout seats are usually the best saddle type. Read reviews online, find what others like, and then test a few.


Cycling can be an incredible way to sustain a safe social distance while doing outdoor activities and exercise. Following these tips will give you an adequate, safer, and more delightful time on your bike.

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