7 Travel Essentials For Seniors

Packing well is a skill that should be learned by everyone, but for older travelers, planning ahead is essential. Assuring that you have the right travel accessories can make a big difference in the success of your trip. If your upcoming trip will take you overseas, it’s especially important to be sure you have everything you need from the start as some items will be difficult to find in other countries. When you’re making your preliminary packing list, make sure you include some of these items.

Medication Organizer

Many 7 Travel Essentials For Seniors seniors take a variety of medications and health support supplements such as blood pressure medications, multi-vitamins and menopause support supplements.  When you’re heading out on a trip it can be cumbersome to take all those bottles along with you. A medication organizer will allow you to take only the amount of medication you need for the trip. It will also help you make sure you don’t accidentally miss any medications as you get caught up in the excitement of the trip.

Light Weight Luggage

You will be moving your luggage around quite a bit on your trip. Make sure that you don’t add to the weight of your belongings with the wrong luggage choice. Choose luggage made from lightweight materials that have wheels and an extending handle so that you can transport it easily. You may not think this is important, but after navigating a few international airports with your luggage in tow, you’ll come to appreciate a lighter set of luggage.

Comfortable Shoes

The 7 Travel Essentials For Seniors right shoes are important for travelers of any age, but they are crucial for older people. It’s important for your feet to be comfortable; the pain caused by the wrong shoes can ruin a day of touring. It’s also important for your shoes to give traction and good stability. Older people are more prone to slipping and falling and making good choices in footwear can minimize those risks. The shoes you wear will also impact your posture and help you avoid any back issues as the trip goes on.

Compression Socks

Given all the walking around you’ll be doing on your trip, compression socks might also be a trip essential. These socks can help you maintain good circulation and minimize leg swelling after an active day. Just remember to remove compression clothing at the end of the day.

Folding Cane

A folding cane can offer support for older travelers who have back issues, knee and hip pain or balance problems. They usually come in their own carrying bag and can be slipped into your day pack when you’re not using them. Look for a cane with a pivoting, four-pronged base for the greatest amount of stability.

Money Belt

Theft can happen anywhere, but older tourists can be a bigger target. A money belt will keep your cash and credit cards safe. Look for something lightweight that lies closely against your body. A belt that fits underneath your clothing is ideal. The best moneybelts will have RFID blocking to keep debit and credit card information safe from electronic theft as well.

Neck Pillow

A trip with a busy itinerary can leave older adults feeling exhausted. Finding ways to maximize your sleep is important. A compact neck pillow will ensure comfortable rest on the plane. If your vacation plans include lengthy bus trips, a neck pillow will let you get some shut-eye while you make your way from destination to destination. The more rest you can get, the more energy you’ll have to participate in trip activities.

What you choose to pack for your next trip can have a large impact on your health, wellness and enjoyment level. Older adults need to ensure that they are including items in their luggage that will help them compensate for any physical limitations and avoid extra travel stress. Look ahead at your next planned outing, anticipate any challenges that the trip might cause and pack accordingly.

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