8 Important Questions to Ask an Auto Shipping Company

Hiring an auto shipping company can make interstate vehicle transportation much easier, safer, and more convenient. These companies have resources and well-trained personnel who will know how to handle vehicle transportation from one state to the next. But looking for the right company goes beyond checking the company’s website. You also need to ask the representative a few questions to know if it’s the right fit. Here are some questions you can ask.

Is the Company Registered and Licensed?

Make sure that the company you’re about to hire has the appropriate licenses. It may seem like such an obvious question, but several car transport companies operate without the necessary licensing. Auto shipping vehicles are required to register themselves under the US Department of Transportation. If a company lacks this number, proceed with caution.

What Services Do You Offer?

This may seem like a silly question because they obviously offer car shipping services. But beyond that, what other services do they offer? Some companies give you the option of transportation via enclosed trailer shipping or open-air trailer. Others have single-vehicle and multi-vehicle shipping options. You should ask about these services to know if the company can meet your needs.

How Much Will It Cost to Ship a Car?

Car shipping rates vary depending on the shipping company. That’s how most industries work. But even as you shop for affordable options, always consider the company’s reputation. Work with a  Florida to California auto transport company that has a good reputation and is honest about costs. Also, remember that the cheapest option can come with risks that you wouldn’t want to expose your car to.

Do You Have Any Restrictions on the Types of Cars You Ship?

Most people shipping cars, light trucks, SUVs, and vans will easily find a car transport company. But what happens when you’re transporting a valuable car such as an antique, a race car, or a heavily modified or oversized vehicle? Your car may need special equipment to ship it. But not all auto shipping companies have the right equipment for towing and loading your car. That’s why you have to ask whether the company can safely handle your vehicle.

What Are the Shipping Time Frames?

Regarding time frames, companies will offer different options depending on schedule, budget, and distance. The earlier you want your car to arrive at its new destination, the earlier you should book with the shipping company.

What Payment Options Are There?

Ask the company which payment methods they offer customers, but don’t stop there. Most auto transport companies require customers to make a deposit once they schedule for shipment or before the drop-off date. Check how the company operates so that when a bill comes before you’re yet to receive your shipment, you’re not surprised.

Why Are You the Right Company to Work With?

The representative should be able to answer the question without beating around the bush. You’ll have a better idea about the company’s culture. Ideally, you need a company that values customers and has a great record of getting vehicles to their destination safely and promptly. If it sounds like the representative is getting frustrated by your questions, keep looking.

Is Your Company Fully Insured?

Reputable auto shipping companies are insured. The best companies carry adequate coverage to respond to emergencies and other issues that may arise. Feel free to ask specific questions, such as whether you can buy extra insurance. You should also confirm whether the whole car is covered or just specific parts.

Asking the right questions gives you an idea of whether an auto shipping company is right for you. These may seem like too many questions, but they will ensure you get quality service.

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