A guide to sleep based in ayurvedic style

Sleep it’s a necessary requirement for our body like food, water etc.

According to Ayurveda there are three pillars for maintaining and balancing life and one of them is sleep called as nidra in authentic texts.

These days routine , lifestyle , work process everything has been changed and in adults it is common to see anxiety, depression, restlessness , insomnia , no sleep patterns which affects their life completely and leads to so many diseases.

In order to solve such problems and to maintain proper healthy routine and lifestyle it is important to sleep properly and calmly

There are so many ways to induce a good sleep but natural ways are the best fit .  Other sleep inducing drugs , steroids may leads to side effects and other hazardous diseases.

So natural ways are the best ways that is According to Ayurveda. To treat anxiety, you can check valerian root anxiety and cure your sleep problems

According to Ayurveda your sleep depends on your body type or vise versa .

There are 3 doshas according to Ayurveda which define the prakriti ( characteristics and nature) of an individual and according to that an individual should perform various activities and shoul follow the routine.

These are

  • Vata (wind)
  • Pitta (fire)
  • Kapha (water and earth)

According to Ayurveda there are 6 types of sleep.

Such as.

  • Natural sleep
  • Depressed and tensed sleep
  • Due to the aggravation of Kapha Doshas because of no physical workout, only eating leads to sleepiness.
  • Sleep because of tiredness and after doing alot of workout and physical activity.
  • Sleep due to some diseases
  • Sleep because of any injury etc

So these are different types of sleep.

But the Dosha that is mainly responsible and by which sleep is dominated by is kapha Dosha (water and

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