Have you been thankful to those people who risked their lives in the time of the pandemic? Everyone should praise and be grateful for all the services that frontline workers provided at that time. The pandemic caused many difficulties and health risks, but still, the frontline helpers continued their jobs.

The helpers of mankind at that life risky time include many people who kept performing their duties. Such people include doctors, cleaners, delivery boys, chefs, lawmakers, and many other such people. They had to face a lot of challenges and difficulties, but they remained firm. So everyone should say thank you, coronavirus helpers for protecting and supporting them at that time.

The severity of Covid-19 Pandemic:

The pandemic of Covid-19 had left its marks all over the globe in all sectors. Corona-virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) causes Covid-19 which is a highly severe form of respiratory virus. The virus began in China, but then gradually started to spread. In March 2020, WHO stated that the virus was a pandemic and confirmed its danger to spread all over the world.

Within a month after WHO declared it as a pandemic, it had affected millions of people across the globe. The virus was severe, and could not be taken as some other kind of simple virus. People started to hide in their homes, and businesses started shutting down. The danger of the coronavirus started spreading all over the world risking the lives of people.

Who served as a corona-virus helper?

A large number of people played their role as corona-virus helpers to serve other people in many ways. Such frontline workers include doctors, teachers, drivers, pathologists, farmers, researchers, and management officers. The helpers also include the list of teachers, cleaners, and volunteers at the time of the pandemic.

Medical field workers:

The doctors and nurses played a great role in saving the lives of other people while risking their own.  Medical professionals provide complete care and treatment to Covid-19 patients with the complete risk of their own lives.


The researchers include those people who were selflessly trying to make the vaccination of Covid-19. Such people presented various therapy programs, health care tips, and household tips for people suffering from the corona-virus.


The teachers also kept serving their role by providing education to students. Many countries had to face difficulties in the online education system. But with the help of teachers, the online system proved successful. The teachers continued their duty even in the time of the severe pandemic.

Delivery boys:

The delivery boys didn’t stop delivering food items on the doorstep of people. Such heroes of the nation continued to serve people despite caring about their own lives.

Grocery workers:

The grocery workers at that time continued their businesses to provide groceries to people. Many businesses went shut down, and people closed themselves in homes to remain safe from corona-virus attacks. The grocery store workers also kept sanitizing products so that people can stay safe and protect themselves from virus attacks.

Role of frontline workers at the time of pandemic:

We should say thank you coronavirus helpers because the played great roles at the time of pandemic.

  • The frontline workers played a great role in the life-risking time of the pandemic
  • Putting up your own life in danger to serve other people isn’t an easy task
  • Those people were determined to serve their role, and they contributed their part without any self based need
  • The selfless deeds by those people helped other people to survive in the tough times of Covid-19
  • Such people were the most vulnerable to the attack of the coronavirus because of their social contact with others
  • The Covid-19 frontline workers spent their whole night waking up for supporting other people
  • There existed great pressure on the frontline professionals and other people serving as corona-virus helpers
  • By facing all physical threats to their health, they continued playing their roles to serve mankind
  • The workers also faced mental health issues because of all the tough challenges and life risks
  • Responding to all the critical situations, these people remained the hero of the nation at that tough time

A tribute to corona-virus helpers:

All a person can do is to pay tribute to corona-virus helpers. The helpers were standing there for meeting up our needs when all the world was scared of their lives. So people should admire these real heroes of the country, and be thankful to them. The frontliners meaning workers who served other people in pandemic risked their lives by accepting that challenge.

You might have heard about the deaths of a large number of frontline workers due to the coronavirus. The reason included their great participation and their role in protecting other people. Such inspirational people should get admiration all over the world because of their selfless duties.

The warriors of the pandemic worked day and night for serving the whole world. Frontline workers had to cut themselves off from their personal life and social circle. The only purpose that remained in their lives at that time was to save the remaining world from Covid-19 and sincerely perform their duty.

How did people thank corona-virus helpers?

At the time of the pandemic, people ran various campaigns and spread messages to thank corona-virus helpers. Let’s discuss some ways by which the helpers were thanked or how you can still thank them now:

By joining different movements:

People from all over the world became part of various movements with the main purpose of thanking coronavirus helpers. The doctors, grocery workers, drivers, and other such frontline people served a huge duty. So people praised them and attributed them by displaying the prints of “ThankYou helpers” on their vehicles, homes, or other such areas.

Praising them on social media:

Social media applications have become a huge tool for praising or discouraging anyone. The same case happened at the time of the pandemic of Covid-19. The social media users started praising the Covid-19 helpers on social media. They used different hashtags such as #helpers, #thankyouhelpers, and #herohelpers. People also used many different hashtags and campaigns on social media to pay tribute to those workers.

Role of website Tidelands Health:

The website Tidelands Health also played a significant role in thanking the frontline helpers. It posted a banner on its front page with the title “ThankYou to the Helpers”. The website users could download the banner and can use it on various platforms. It also encouraged people to applause the real heroes of a nation.

Thanking tradition in New York:

A specific kind of tradition came into being at the time of the pandemic. People used to clap at exact 7 in the evening by standing outside their homes or from windows. The gesture of clapping hands represented their love and gratefulness.

Meal donations:

Many restaurants started donating meals for the frontline warriors of corona-virus. The donation of meals was a huge step for applauding the thank you coronavirus helpers.

Google campaign:

Google Doodle also launched a huge campaign in April 2020 to thank helpers at the time of Covid-19. The title that appeared on the home page of Google was all about thanking the health professionals, researchers, and other workers.

Concluding words:

The article highlighted the determination and sacrifices of front-line workers at the time of Covid-19. Many campaigns and movements started running at the time of corona-virus for the sake of saying thank you, coronavirus helpers.

The front-line workers have played their role selflessly for the nation. So we can call them as true inspirational heroes of a nation. The article also discussed various ways of thanking such workers for protecting you at the most challenging time.

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