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Airbnb Host Tools You Must Have

Airbnb’s ecosystem is thriving. The Airbnb brand is booming, but so is the whole home-sharing sector. The community of hosts and visitors is growing at a breakneck pace.

Whatever the debate, the Airbnb economy is stronger than ever. And this incredible strength reveals just how fruitful our economy is. This explains why the firms already established in this sector continue to develop steadily and why an increasing number of new, related enterprises are being planted.

Just as companies within the Airbnb network adapt to changing conditions, so should the community. Short-term rental hosts should be aware of the tools, software, and services available to them in this field. That is why we have developed a list of the six resources that every Airbnb host should have in 2016.

1. The Price And The Effect

There is a lot of money to be earned in such a booming sector. Thus, hosts should first get acquainted with the simplest methods for increasing vacation rental earnings. BeyondPricing is a clever, dynamic pricing tool that determines the market worth of your listings based on their location, seasonality, and demand. Then, it adjusts the pricing of your ads appropriately. Additionally, this update happens regularly and automatically, which eliminates the need for you to spend time studying competitors or wasting energy manually modifying your prices.

It’s a straightforward approach to a complex area of the hosting industry. Additionally, it works: BeyondPricing users reported a 40% increase in income after the tool’s integration. When the potential to increase profit while decreasing work presents itself, the choice to seize it is straightforward math.

2. Delegating Control

Numerous vacation rental owners choose to manage cleaning on their own. However, hosts increasing their rental companies – or those wanting to scale – cannot afford to remain at every listing after check-out or greet guests before check-in. Growing pains are often alleviated by relieving the host of pressure. Now, hosts have a new method to guarantee that their cleaning and changeover services are operating effectively and by their instructions.

The Properly app allows short-term rental owners to establish their expectations for the state and condition of guest check-ins via a detailed, in-depth visual checklist. As an alternative to the usual information binder, this checklist conducts a room-by-room, object-by-object walk-through of the property. Your cleaners and turnover reps will then be given a thorough tour and set of instructions for tackling your area and hitting every nook and cranny. What’s the greatest part? Properly demands cleaning and turndown providers to provide hosts with verification images as a kind of visual receipt for a job properly done. Is it not difficult to cede control of your company while maintaining your personal life?

3. Make Appropriate 

Speaking about applications that boost your degree of hospitality, there are several more. Your welcome lets Airbnb hosts centralize all parts of a flawless, friendly guest experience on a single tablet screen. The software is intended to maximize the value of your visitors’ stays, regardless of whether hosts are there when they arrive. You may welcome visitors, take them on virtual tours of your properties, provide local suggestions, arrange for convenient on-demand cabs or other services, and push bargains to your guests based on their recent local spending. The tablet enables you to cover all of these bases essentially.

It’s your hosting style, at their pace. It’s a current, relevant guestbook suited to your visitors and the vacation rental experience you’ve chosen for them.

4. Dress Appropriately For The Occasion

The virtual guestbook is an excellent approach to familiarise your visitors with your Airbnb and community. What you now need is the ideal method for introducing your visitors to how you will fulfill their demands, whatever they may be. And, for the Airbnb hosts who are knee-deep in this sector, that standard should be five-star. There must be a method to streamline a high level of service for these Airbnb hosts. Perhaps you’d want to maintain a more personal level of service. Or maybe you’re ready to enhance your service to one that is as well-organized (and as loved) as any “hotel-like” experience.

Ryze is an application that enables you to provide luxurious hospitality to your Airbnb visitors through a single tablet that displays on-demand room services, mini-bar supplies, and travel essentials. While it lacks the peer-to-peer authenticity you need, it is practical, simple, and will satisfy your visitors. At times, tourists just want to feel cared for. And now, with the help of a single easy app, you can provide them with the vacation they want.

5. A Time-Honored Time-Saver

Perhaps you have numerous Airbnb listings. Perhaps you have many listings on Airbnb, HomeAway, or Booking.com. Regardless of how your luxury vacation rentals are distributed, there should be a single location for accessing and organizing your data. There is now.

For starters, hosts may now use the PMS to search for, manage, report on, and exchange information about their short-term rental properties. Also, hosts may use a consolidated – and interactive – view of all their calendars. This multi-calendar feature enables you to evaluate and alter pricing for past, current, and future reservations across all Airbnb listings, Airbnb accounts, and vacation rental sites. This feature that Airbnb has yet to provide hosts makes this feature especially valuable for hosts who want to share a master calendar with others or keep their calendars up to date in real-time. There are even other vacation rental software resources to use to up your management game even further.

This coordinated schedule and complete access to your rental data provide an unparalleled chance to gain a full view of your short-term company, evaluate it, strategy appropriately, and ultimately enhance it.

6. The Success Factor

Along with a comprehensive display of Airbnb data and a centralized master schedule, there are further methods to customized automation that may significantly alleviate hosts’ day-to-day tasks. Keycafe’s new connection with the Airbnb app enables hosts to fully automate the check-in process while still keeping it secure, orderly, and personable. Once the host secures their keys with a tracking fob, they become a virtually controlled digital entry system. From that point on, each Airbnb booking automatically grants visitors access to their homes.

Organizing access to the house for cleaners and others and key handoffs for visitors no longer has to be a full-time job. Indeed, it does not have to be a job. The solution enables hosts to manage keys from any location at any time or just to leave it to the technology.

Overall, the Airbnb ecosystem’s firms are always evolving to meet your demands as a host better. Whether it’s efficiency, hospitality, organization, or seamlessness, cutting-edge technology and brands can help ease the wheels of success for your short-term rental. In the end, it’s just a matter of staying current while conserving your hosting energy.

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