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Thinking about replacing your windows? Well, that’s fantastic. Do you ever have your windows replaced in Ottawa? Because those who have done this before will have any idea. But if not, then no need to get worried. This article is all about windows replacement and vinyl windows available in Canada. Fortunately, you have landed on the right page. All of your queries will get answered after reading this.

In most of the homes, there will be wooden windows. But when it comes to replacing the windows, you should opt for vinyl windows. The firmness of vinyl windows is lower than that of wooden windows. Because they are made up of PVC plastic. The best thing about these windows is that they last longer. Their life span is up to 20 years if you will use them properly.

Vinyl windows are less expensive as compared to other windows. Not only this but also these windows can reduce your utility bills because they are energy-efficient. Some optimum quality vinyl windows can also last up to 30 years. This lifespan is more than enough.

When It Comes To the Best…

We have to look for the best manufacturers of vinyl windows and doors

if we want them to last longer. Some of them are Vinyl-built Windows and Doors, Window City, Vinyl Guard Windows and Doors System, and Vinyl Pro. Get your windows changed from these manufacturers to have the best experience. They also have positive reviews and good ratings.

Is It Worth Replacing Wooden Windows With Vinyl Windows?

Yeah, it worth a lot. Vinyl windows are far better than wooden windows due to the following reasons:

  • They can be easily afforded. These windows cost between $400 to $800. For complete installation, this price is enough.
  • Lower your utility bills because they have insulating characteristics.
  • Comes with an impressive warranty. But it depends upon the owner.
  • Needs no maintenance. You will never have to change their color.
  • Adds elegancy to your home décor.
  • Can last up to 3 decades.
  • Installation of these windows is super duper easy.

Must think about vinyl windows before replacing your windows.

How To Install Vinyl Windows?

It is quite convenient to install these windows. Manufacturers of vinyl windows and doors also offer installation. But if you want to install them on your own, then follow the steps written below:

Step 1:

Clean the opening of your window. Make sure, no dust is left behind.

Step 2:

Put on the flashing tape throughout the sill. Press it with your hands for better sticking.

Step 3:

If the sill is uneven then make it even first. On the uneven sill, you cannot install the windows.

Step 4:

Apply the silicone caulk on the inner side of a window opening.

Step 5:

Put the replacing window in the opening. For securing it, press it against the caulk. Leave it for some time.

Step 6:

Fill the gaps with spray foam insulation. This is recommended.

See, how easy it is to install the vinyl replacing windows.

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