Are CBD Vape Pens Better Than Cigarettes for Our Lungs?

Cigarettes are no longer fashionable after decades of anti-smoking efforts. Now, they are getting replaced with more futuristic electronic smoking gadgets, like battery-powered pens that double as USBs and carry liquid pods containing nicotine, CBD, THC, and other compounds. Vaping, or inhaling the vapor produced by these smoking gadgets, is the new smoking.

Vaping has been around for a few years and is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among teenagers and young adults. The desire to vape cannabidiol oil is one of the newest trends fueling this burgeoning vape culture. Utilizing this thc vape oil in CBD vape pens is becoming increasingly popular, with the sector predicted to explode in the future years.

CBD helps to cure a variety of medical conditions and is part of the appeal of CBD in regions where marijuana is legal. Epileptic seizures, anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia are just a few medical conditions that many believe the oil may help. Except for curing epilepsy, there is minimal data to support these assertions.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a phytocannabinoid found in hemp that helps the body and mind in many ways. Hemp plants, not marijuana, are used to make CBD. Hemp and marijuana are related but not identical; hemp must have less than 0.3 percent THC, a psychotropic chemical present in higher proportions in marijuana. Hemp naturally contains more quantities of CBD, a non-psychoactive chemical that aids in the maintenance of human health and wellness while having no intoxicating impact. People noticing good results in their health after utilizing this health supplement in their daily dietary regimen has resulted in an almost exponential development in the number of different CBD-based products.

The highest-quality CBD originates from whole hemp plant extract, containing a full spectrum of cannabinoids. Specialists claim that using the entire plant enhances the health benefits and adds additional wellness components.

What are CBD Vape Pens?

A CBD vape pen is an electronic gadget that carries e-liquid, often known as CBD vape juice. Check out discount eliquid today! It mainly comes in handy in vaporizing CBD, which is a liquid. It is often blended with terpenes to improve the CBD vaping experience.

It has fewer negative consequences than nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes, and the majority of the health risks have already vanished. The majority of consumers are pleased to report that using the CBD vape pen has no side effects. And, given there are no known health hazards linked with this product, why not give it a try?

Is vaping harmful to the lungs?

Cigarette smoking is well-known to be harmful to the lungs. Lung and esophageal cancer, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can be due to long-term inhalation of burning tobacco (COPD).

Tobacco smoke harms the lungs in a variety of ways. It includes tens of thousands of compounds, including more than 70 recognized carcinogens. It also has particulate matter, which consists of a few particles of burned tobacco, cigarette residue, and paper that become trapped deep in the lungs, where they become buried in the tissue and cause cancer and COPD.

What about vaping, though? Vaping does not create recognized carcinogens in significant numbers to pose a genuine threat, and it does not include solid particles like smoking. In reality, the elements that make smoking tobacco so harmful are mostly missing from vaping. Because vaping does not involve combustion, it does not produce tar or carbon monoxide, two of the most dangerous byproducts of smoking. Vaping converts e-liquid into an inhalable aerosol by heating it with a metal coil. It appears to be smoke, but it is not. However, there are specific hazards to lung health associated with vaping. Vaping is much safer than smoking and now serves as an attraction for beginners.

Below are some CBD vape pen benefits that smoking cigarettes do not have.

1. Potential to make you relax

With all of life’s strains and demands, it’s only natural that we look for methods to unwind. There’s some evidence to show that CBD might help people manage their anxiety and stress symptoms. CBD, for example, has been shown in trials to help patients manage post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, including nightmares and repeating painful memories. CBD can be a standalone treatment. It can mix with standard drugs and counseling in the research. CBD may be beneficial to persons who suffer from social anxiety. The subjects had either 400mg of CBD or a placebo in the trial. Anxiety symptoms are relieved in those who had CBD. Vaping may be soothing, especially if you take a break from your busy routine to enjoy the simple process of breathing in and out.

2. It Has the Potential to Assist in the Management of Pain

People use CBD for a variety of reasons, including pain relief. Vaping CBD may be able to assist patients in managing their pain symptoms. CBD, for example, may come in handy in the treatment of neuropathic pain. This form of pain comes from nerve injury. It can occur due to traumas, infections, or illnesses such as multiple sclerosis. CBD helps with the discomfort associated with chronic neuropathy. While a more peer-reviewed study on CBD health is needed, there is a lot of promise in this area.

3. A Wide Range of Alternatives

One can never get bored with the variety of CBD vape pens, cartridges, and diffusers with an essential oil vape available. It includes the various CBD content levels and the many flavor options available. There are cola-flavored CBD vape pens, strawberry-flavored CBD vape pens, mint-flavored CBD vape pens, and more. It means you can mix and match flavors – there’s no need to buy the same vape pen or CBD e-liquid every time you need a new one. One can also purchase better batteries for our vape pen, making them more reliable.


Cigarettes cause havoc on the human body, harming the user from head to toe. The risks are there without a shadow of a doubt. However, there is little evidence that vaping has similar health effects—or any health concerns, for that matter, unless you consider nicotine addiction. Nicotine isn’t directly responsible for any side effects. The dangers of vaping are minimal, especially compared to the known harms of smoking. When compared to smoking, vaping poses a far reduced risk to consumers. CBD vape juice is going through a phase of transition, which appeals more to young adult customers. The best way is to try different Weed extracts inside the vape pen and recognize which ones work best for you.

The future of vaping and the CBD industry link with each other, and it will be the same for some time. Doctors suggest using a vape pen only twice to avoid side effects. These go away with time and more usage.

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