Are Your Flirting Fears Reasonable?

This question is better answered by those who face these fears rather than experts. The fear experienced or exhibited during flirting can be immense and overwhelming. Women might do it effortlessly but it is not always the case. Ladies have the same fears too especially if there is a chance the guy might not be interested.

While we maintain that we should try to overcome all such fears, it is always easier said than done. For some, it might seem like jumping off a cliff while attempting to flirt with a cute girl. But why do people feel so overwhelmed when flirting is in the air?

Fight or Flight

Many folks can either fight their fears or run for the hills. There are several reasons people choose to avoid flirting altogether. The most obvious reason is rejection and this stands true for men and women. If there is the slightest chance we might get rejected and perhaps even ridiculed, we run for the hills. Here are a few other reasons people choose not to flirt.

1. History

Some people were at some point super sociable and couldn’t care less about rejection. On that note, the world can be harsh and divorce women dating teaches one a few lessons. One of these is that not everyone will like you, and probably quite a few will ridicule you. This precedent means eventually people do get tired. Incidentally, that’s not the worst bit of the tale.

When people get rejected and ridiculed they become assholes as adults. In turn, they don’t flirt and rather become the douchebag at the club or the arrogant prick. Sometimes, they are oblivious to what flirting means. He knows what it means and feels like – he just is not interested.

2. Upbringing

Some folks grew up in strict religious upbringings where a word like flirt meant eternal damnation. This upbringing created an immense fear of the unknown even though many were willing to try. Those who cannot bring themselves to flirt at an adult age and hail from such strict backgrounds struggle with guilt.

Having been brought up in such settings means many other companionship matters will remain at a standstill. Most of us learned how to flirt from magazines, movies, friends, strangers, and the like. If none of these elements were around during upbringing, the entire flirting idea might seem overwhelming.

Getting Over Fears

On that note, there are several ways to get over the fear of flirting. These are tried and proven methods.

1. Online Dating

People love online dating for several reasons. The most loved feature of these apps is indeed the free messaging and preset messages. These presets are flirtatious texts that help you break the ice and start conversations. When you register on one of these websites the workload is handled for you. Begin with presets and others respond sooner than expected.

In addition to preset messages are provisions for sharing visual messages. This lets you send pictures and videos to other members, including lovely ladies. You can now be as sexy as your mind says you are and let everyone know it too.

2. Socialize

Find a few cool friends who’ve been dating for a while and you can be a ladies’ man in a few days. Take time to hang out with people who’ve had a few breakups too. These folks will help you put things into perspective. Avoid spending too much time alone practicing lame pickup lines. They don’t work and will probably send you into depression due to rejection.

Bottom Line

Few people can honestly say they never had a fear of flirting. If indeed they are more confident about it now, they most likely had a few challenges before finding their footing. That’s what it is all about. Thus, practice makes perfect and if you’d rather experience less disappointment, register for online dating today.

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