Benefits Of Reading NCERT Books In Comparison To Other Reference Books

NCERT stands for National Council of Educational Research and Training. It is responsible for the development and distribution of textbooks to students of primary, secondary, and senior secondary levels. These books are popularly recognized as NCERT books and are considered to be of significant value to students studying in the CBSE or Central Bureau of Secondary Education Board. They are developed with an agenda to help students stabilize their fundamental knowledge and clear their beliefs. These books are way better than reference books that tend to confuse children.  Read on to learn some of the useful benefits of reading NCERT books in comparison to other reference books that might help you prepare for exams:

1. The NCERT books are written by experts 

The NCERT books have been written in easy and simple language by experts based on extensive research conducted by them. These textbooks aim to provide reliable and authentic information to the students. The authors of these books are respectable teachers and people of authority in the education ministry. They prepare these books after conducting a lot of analysis based on reviews shared by students. They try to include important questions and concerns. 

2. NCERT books are easy to understand

As mentioned earlier, the books are written in a simple and easy-to-understand language. They are designed in a way that can be understood by every student irrespective of their intelligence quotient. The size of the words printed in the books is correct and accurate. It is neither too big nor too small. The handwriting is proper and the books are easy to carry. Due to these factors, the NCERT books are widely accepted.

3. The NCERT Books follow the CBSE curriculum

These books adhere to the guidelines mentioned in the CBSE curriculum. They have accurate and sufficient material that can also be utilized to prepare for competitive examinations like JEE and NEET. The education material provided by NCERT textbooks helps in scoring decent grades in board examinations. It has been observed that most of the questions asked in board examinations are taken from NCERT books which implies that nothing beyond the knowledge of these books is asked as questions in these exams. Reference books on the other hand contain a plethora of concepts that might confuse you. You should stick to your actual syllabus and practice questions based on it. This will help you save time instead of wasting it on questions that are out of the syllabus.

4. NCERT Books clarify the concepts

NCERT books not only clarify the concepts reasonably but also in a detail-oriented manner. The students can understand difficult concepts very easily without wasting much time. These books provide accurate and precise information. This not only saves time but also motivates students to write relevant points during examinations instead of wasting time writing irrelevant information. 

5. Most of the sample and previous year’s question papers contain questions from NCERT books 

Try to solve questions from the sample and previous year’s question papers. These function as tickets to success in earning full marks in the examinations. The questions in the exams are taken directly from the NCERT books. Solving these papers helps you enhance your time management skills and boost your revision process. Also, check your answers so that you can verify which ones you’ve answered correctly and incorrectly. You will also get an idea about your strong and weak areas and you can work on them accordingly.

6. NCERT books have a lot of questions 

The NCERT books offer a range of questions for practice solving and improving the learning process of the students. These books enhance the knowledge of children and help them master the basic yet essential techniques of complex problem-solving. These books ensure that students practice enough questions based on every concept so that they can score excellent marks in examinations. It has been observed that several times questions from NCERT books are repeated in examinations without even changing the fundamentals.

Reference books, on the other hand, contain many questions that are not a part of the syllabus and are practiced in higher classes. You should save your time by practicing questions only from the NCERT books. Reference books are good to solve only after you complete your practice and revision from the NCERT Books. You can also download NCERT solutions to go through the answers and learn how to format your answers in the exam.

7. The NCERT books are easily available

The NCERT textbooks are easily available in markets and are sold at inexpensive prices which makes them superior study material for all members of the community regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. You can easily find them in nearby stationery shops no matter what state of the country you live in. The books are accepted nationally and are also available online. The books are easily accessible.

The NCERT books are highly beneficial as they cover all the important topics and convey an apparent understanding of popular notions and beliefs. The students of the CBSE Board are therefore inclined towards the NCERT textbooks as they can relate to them effectively and conveniently. By understanding the importance of NCERT books and practicing questions from them, you will be able to achieve great marks in both your class as well as board examinations.

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