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Boost Productivity With The Right Chairs- Online Purchases Are The Best Bet

It is no doubt that a workplace environment is extremely important and plays a huge role in the employee’s productivity. A critical component of the workplace is the employee’s chair or seating position, which is quite often neglected. A common workplace hazard is back pain, which occurs due to improper seating posture while working due to improper chairs.

The unavailability of an ergonomic chair at your workplace or your study can lead to the development of chronic back pain, spinal issues like spondylitis and other chronic conditions like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. This is why the need for a good chair is crucial regardless of the place- office or home. Therefore, many organisations such as Wakefit are developing ergonomic solutions suited for all places to help prevent such the incidence of such hazards.

If you’re looking for the right chair to help manage your productivity and reduce your stress levels, you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we will explore the various options available in the market, their pros and cons and their feasibility.

Although personally visiting a furniture store and buying chairs is the norm, there are many advantages online. Online shopping for furniture is your best bet because it allows you to browse a wide range of collection and compare various models. The easy accessibility to online shopping websites, special offers and discounts, and easy return policy makes chairs online shopping a more favourable option.

It may surprise you that there are around 20 types of chairs in the market. Out of these, the chairs which promise comfort and boost productivity are few. Let us look below at the various types of chairs in the market currently to help you decide which one is your ideal chair.

As the name suggests, this type of chair offers much flexibility in its use. It can be used in the reception or lobby area, meeting room and even the living room. It is available in various designs and finishes and offers a great design combined with ultra-comfort. They can be wooden, metallic, and plastic in nature.

  • High-backed chairs

These chairs are best used by people who work or study for long periods of time. They have a solid wooden high back that supports the spine and lumbar area to prevent slouching and hunching of the shoulders. To some extent, they can help prevent back pain and arm pain.

  • Lounge chairs

Even at leisure, we require a good chair, usually called the lounge chair, to relax comfortably. By default, lounge chairs are armless chairs in a reclining position with an ottoman. There are different types of lounge chairs, the classic, the chaise lounges, armchairs, recliners, club chairs, wing chairs and poolside loungers. Each of them has a unique design and are suited to a particular area. The best lounge chair is the club chair which has a low back and deep seat. Many techy versions of this chair have options of adjusting the angle of recline, controls to open or close the ottoman to rest your leg, and allowing the user to store their food and drinks. The lounge chair is the right chair for your entertainment zone.

  • Armchairs

These are typically chairs for living room. They consist of the main body used for seating, attached to two arms at the side. They can be unique and complementary to your living room or a part of a living room set. Besides the classic armchair, other types of armchairs best suited for living rooms are barrel chairs and wingback chairs. Barrel chairs have a rounded high back, and their arms have rounded edges, designed to provide comfort and relaxation. While the wingback chairs have a tall back and winged sides and add a luxury and royal look to the living room. Although comfortable, they can be heavy and, therefore, not very mobile.

  • Rocking chair

Although rocking chairs can be placed in the living room, they are more suited for places where one is in isolation, such as your study or bedroom. Rocking chairs allow the user to swing back and forth using the pushing and pull motion of your legs. Besides looking nice, they also help improve the user’s balance, and blood circulation reduces muscle pain, anxiety and depression.


The list above is not exclusive but highlights the most popular versions of comfortable and productive chairs for any seating area. While the lounge chairs and high-backed chairs can be costly and range from 6000 INR – 16000 INR, depending upon the size of the chair and type of material used, the rest of the models can be quite affordable, ranging from 3000 INR- 15000 INR per piece. Chairs exclusively designed and certified to be ergonomic can cost at the higher end but are definitely worth an investment.

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