Brawl Stars: A Guide to Keep Your Children Safe

In 2018, a Finnish company called Supercell launched a mobile game that became a sensation in the gaming community. The game Brawl Stars, like other games from the same company (which included Clash Royale and Clash of Clans), gained unexpected fame—something that can be noticed by the number of times it was downloaded—two million. 

Since the game was introduced on both prominent platforms, iOS and Android, its audience was overwhelming for the developers. However, if someone wanted to play the game, he had to download it and then create a Brawl Stars account. 

Interestingly, the game is accessible on major platforms and is easily downloaded, but the gamer can’t use it without real money involved. Yes, the game was initially free to use, and the user had to make in-app purchases, but later, it became highly exclusive for premium use. 

If you are new to this game, you must know the basics, right? 

Let’s dig some basic questions….

Brawl Stars: What It Is? 

It is a video mobile game with multiple modes and characters (known as Brawlers) to choose from. Each Brawler has specific powers and abilities to defeat opponent/s. To make the game more interesting, it is designed for you, the gamer, to play it with a person. The main agenda of the game is to let you house team-playing skills strategically

Is Brawl Star Good for Kids? 

Although it is a PG 13+ mobile game, it is not considered harmful for younger players. The reason is simple—it includes violence, but no bloodshed or language concerns exist. However, it is best to play Brawl Stars under parental guidance so that they don’t get hooked on it. 

Since the game is not inappropriate, it is best to play it when parents are around because of three main concerns. 

First, the game is a battle arena with numerous features. To play the game, your child may get exposed to chat rooms where other players discuss the strategy, etc., which may start building connections and relationships. 

Second, individuals younger than thirteen are more prone to risk while buying online supplies with real money. Kids are more insensitive to the use of real money as they can be easily manipulated to make the purchase. So, assisting them while they play the game is always better. 

What Should Parents Do While Assisting Kids in Playing Brawl Stars?

Buy Brawl Stars accounts for your children yourself. Don’t encourage them to make the online purchases themselves. Other than that, it is always best to eliminate risk factors by exercising the following points. 

Turn on a Timer in the Mobile: 

To make the sanest choice, we recommend you get Brawl Stars accounts for sale for yourself and the kids. It will help you play with them while ensuring their safety. Also, limiting the use of the game will not make your kids addicted to it, so take action and put an alarm or screen lock on after certain hours (it can be as little as half an hour and as much as two hours). 

Prep Talk to the Kids: 

Whenever you and the kids are ready to download and use Brawl Stars, please have a heart-to-heart conversation with them. It is best to talk about the risks involved, side effects, and addiction it may cause. Online harassment, exposure to ferocity, and similar actions should be discussed openly with users. 

Final Verdict: Is This Game Good for Kids? 

It is one of the best games available on iOS and Android. However, the risks involved in playing this game suggest parental guidance. Also, it is considered a good game for teenagers. 

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