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Education is quickly discovering the change in outlook due to digitalization. Over the last two years, in the midst of the worldwide pandemic, education has decentralized and reconstructed itself into a totally virtual environment.

Online learning systems, created by Ed-tech organizations, create a channel between teachers and students, fabricating the reinforcement of e-learning in India. However, a major problem in the current market scenario is capital-fueled economies of scale. Educators and creators often find themselves in flux as they lose autonomy when partnering with such huge companies. Technical requirements also become a barrier for many creators to even start their digital journey.

“60 percent of these creator-educators do not have access to a laptop. We wanted to solve this problem for the education industry which is why Kohbee is the first mobile based SAAS platform for this market providing everything in one place. Other platforms are providing the same services for 3 times the amount and the user requires a laptop/PC .The way we have built Kohbee can be considered as a ‘Done for You’ solution as opposed to other  ‘Do It Yourself’ solutions out there which allows aspiring creator-educators to dream big.”- Rohan Sinha, Co-founder

Great content does sell but if it’s not reaching the target audience then you might as well be shouting into a void. It can become very difficult to stand out amongst competitors when starting out, especially in such a saturated market and for this reason, Kohbee understands that there are certain parameters on which educators and creators must be empowered. The company competes with big players in its sector, but what sets it apart is its mobile-based SaaS Platform. This enables people to log into their courses without needing laptops or PCs and therefore Kohbee have also ensured that their site is compatible with every smartphone!

The autonomy of creators also remains intact as such creators can use Kohbee premium to market themselves through our dedicated reach-maximization services. With this powerful app, you can take live classes and share recordings. You can manage payments and send messages to registered members. It provides a significant boost to your online teaching method. This educational app promises to make your teaching time exciting and productive while keeping your business well managed.

“The number of creators on YouTube has grown from 20 million to 47 million globally during the pandemic and this will only go up, 40% of these creators are in the domain of education which puts the number of creator-educators at roughly 20 million globally, with an estimated 6 million creator-educators in India. The most common source of revenue for such educators is 1:1 coaching and pre-recorded courses and hence the need for a platform like Kohbee arises to help these creator-educators monetize their content efficiently.”Siddharth Chauhan, Co-founder. This statement by one of the co-founders of Kohbee aptly summarizes the current market scenario and how a platform like Kohbee is the pungent need of the hour for creator-educators.

So far, Kohbee has successfully raised $235,000 from angel investors such as Saurabh Aggarwal (Founder, Fitso), Ankit Mehrotra (CEO, Dineout), Fortunexus, and Ah! Ventures. “With this funding, Kohbee aims to build a strong core team to address the biggest problems educators face today. Like any other Edtech startup, we only have the technical know-how to accelerate growth. In the coming months, we plan to create products that educators and developers will love.” – Shashwat Aditya, the co-founder.

So, if you are a creator-educator looking for a business management application or a newbie looking to fuel his creation business, go and download the Kohbee App today.

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