Can a Divorce Be Reversed After Signing Divorce Papers?

A divorce decision is a crucial and life-changing one. It is usually made with much hesitance and concern. Plus, a lengthy process makes it more complicated to stick to one point since there may be drastic changes in your life between the moment you file for divorce online and get a final decree. Sometimes you may wish and need to reverse a divorce and save your marital status.

Check out the peculiarities of the reversed divorce process and define whether you can get your marriage termination canceled if you truly need it. 

Why You May Want to Reverse a Divorce

If you applied for divorce, you had serious grounds for it. But if you decide that you don’t wish to terminate your marriage anymore, you have decent reasons too. Different couples have their particular reasons for halting or canceling the divorce process completely. 

One or both partners may choose to reverse the marriage termination in the following case:

  • in most situations, partners opt for reconciliation and reverse the divorce since they prefer staying together and saving their marriage;
  • one or both partners may be dissatisfied with the trial outcomes and reverse the case to get another chance to prepare for the process and deal with it differently;
  • one or both partners may find the divorce final unfair and want to change the results.

In any case, even if you have serious grounds to put your marriage termination to a halt, it doesn’t mean that it is possible to do this. Anyway, it is better to come clean with your attorney, explain the situation, and get professional recommendations on what to do next. 

When It Is Possible to Reverse a Divorce

If you are already halfway to putting marriage to the end, but then something changes, you may come to an opposite decision and wonder ‘Can a divorce be reversed’. It all depends on at what point you choose to reverse your case. Here are some of the common situations:

  • if you have only filed the papers, you can simply withdraw them without further consequences;
  • if your spouse has been already served, you can withdraw the petition, too, but your partner may wish to proceed with the process, and there is nothing you can do in this case;
  • if the final decree is already passed, you can hardly get your divorce reversed. Only several states grant you such possibilities. They cover Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, and several more. But you have to provide serious reasons to cancel the marriage termination process.

In any similar or different situation, it is better to consult the local authorities and your family law attorney so that you know when and how it is better to reverse your case. If you are allowed to do it at all. 

What Are the Legal Grounds for Reversed Divorce

If you are fortunate enough to reside in a state where you can reverse a divorce at any moment you wish, you should review the legal requirements to succeed. Once you change your mind about terminating your marriage, it is necessary to provide the local family law office with the reasons for your decision. 

The official grounds for reversing your case are as follows:

  • mistake
  • misfortune
  • accident
  • fraud.

To qualify for a reversed divorce, you also ought to gather and pass strong evidence for any official ground you choose. Plus, you have to initiate a reversal in the defined period following the divorce decree being passed, typically within the next 30 days. Still, there are no guarantees that your desire will be satisfied. If you consult your attorney about the situation, it will be easier to predict the outcomes and reach success in the end.

What Are the Alternatives for a Reversed Divorce

If you cannot reverse the divorce due to legal reasons or any other obstacles, there can always be an alternative way out. If you are unhappy with any divorce outcomes since you have changed your mind or find some of them unfair, there is no need to reverse your case and go through the whole process again. Instead, you can apply for decree modification and request to change the issues you are dissatisfied with. If you can prove your point and back your alternative solution with strong evidence, the modifications will be approved soon.

In case you don’t like your new status in general and decide to reunite with your ex officially instead, it will be easier for you to get married again. You don’t need to get the marriage termination canceled, and deal with red tape and lengthy legal procedures, just get another marriage organized and try your luck with your spouse again. Mind that your decision will seriously impact the previous agreements on the custody, support, assets division, and other divorce issues you have discussed and signed so far. It is better to consult your divorce lawyer to make sure you are heading the right way when getting remarried. 


Although divorce is usually the final point of your marital relationship, in some cases, you can decide on a different end to your story. You may get your marriage termination reversed if you don’t like any of the results or want to reunite with your spouse. Still, you have to meet the local legislature requirements and define when and how it is better to get your divorce reversed. Cooperate with the relevant specialist to take the right decision and implement it for the best possible outcomes. 

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