Capital Smart City Development Status & Future Plans

Capital Smart City is the epitome of smart and luxurious living. It is a solution to a chaotic lifestyle. Professional teams accelerate the rapid development of Capital Smart City Islamabad. The developers of this housing society update the investors and prospective owners every month. As per the latest updates, fast–paced development is underway. 

Details about some of the latest developments in Capital Smart City Islamabad are as follows:

Lakeview Heights is Partially Functional:

Lakeview Heights is a commercial complex that houses shopping brands and small fast-food restaurants. Although it is not completed, only the ground floor is functional. Some businesses have opened their doors to customers already. 

Moreover, the construction of this complex is being efficiently carried out by the construction company. It is very positive for you if you are thinking about setting up a business here at CSC. 

Capital Smart City Interchange is Functional:

The main boulevard of the interchange has been paved with asphalt, and vehicles use this route daily. However, there are ongoing works on the sideways, but one can easily utilize this interchange for their convenience. 

The interchange has been constructed by remarkably skilled workers & advanced machinery. 

Villa Apartments are Elevated:

The skeletal structure of the Villa Apartment Complex is being completed. It is under construction. Construction of three floors has been completed already. This is a major milestone in the development. Most real estate developers are working tirelessly to complete these plazas and buildings as soon as possible. 

Ring Road West & East are Functional:

These two main roads inside the premises are fully functional now. Heavy machinery has been used to complete these roads as efficiently as possible. 

Ring Road West & East are very wide, and they will be perfect for the convenience of the residents. However, the service road on each side is currently under construction. 

Overseas Central Block Under Construction:

The site for the Overseas Central Block has just been developed for further construction. The construction is very rapid, so you can expect to see major updates about this block very soon. 

Sales Gallery’s Grey Structure is Completed:

The grey structure of this building is completed now. It is going to be a major attraction for the residents and visitors in the future. This new update has already gotten the attention of hundreds of investors. 

Banquet Hall is Completed:

This banquet hall is going to be utilized for all sorts of events & gatherings. However, it is not functional yet, but its structure is completed now. You can expect it to be fully functional imminently. This hall is a great addition to Capital Smart City’s master plan. The developers are quite visionary in terms of providing luxurious amenities inside the premises of the housing society. 

Work Started on Silicon Village:

Silicon Village is a stunning project of CSC; it is supposed to be a picturesque, serene village. However, the work on the silicon village boundary has just been started. The landscape of this village is impeccable. The construction of this project is being carried out in accordance with eco-friendly practices. 

These are some of the developmental updates of Capital Smart City Islamabad. 

Some of the plans of the developers are as follows:

Underground Wiring:

Surbana Jurong designed the master plan of Capital Smart City Islamabad. Hence, the electricity wiring will be underground. It is a major plan of Capital Smart City since it is going to be a game-changer for the whole community. 

To make the environment green & clutter-free, this development will be vital. You can count on the professional team behind this important project.

Golf Course:

Constructing a Golf Course inside a housing sector is not a small feat. It is one of the most ambitious projects of Capital Smart City so far. A golf course will be lucrative for real estate giants, and it will give a huge boost to the economic activity inside the premises. 

Moreover, it is going to make the whole housing society stunning and marvellous. It will make this housing scheme one of the most unique in Pakistan.

Waterfront Apartments:

The amalgamation of nature and modernity is going to be impeccable with such waterfront apartments. These apartments will be very costly, but they are going to be worth the price. Such ambitious projects can elevate the value of the Capital Smart City altogether. 


Capital Smart City Islamabad will be a marvel when it is completed. The developers seem very passionate about making this project a major success in the real estate sector in Pakistan. Moreover, the development is being carried away under the supervision of expert architects, engineers, and urban planners. Therefore, you can expect to see this mega-housing city come to life soon. 

Faisal Town Phase 2 is a significant society that shares the boundary wall with Capital Smart City. It will also be a major development in the vicinity which will increase the worth of this valuable land.

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