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Challenge people to make a Dance Video

Do you want to see some amazing dance moves? A dance competition might be a great way to do this in hopes that you can match the best dancers. Searching for Dance Video on YouTube will result in countless videos, but it is also important to take other technological options into consideration. One of these options is using apps such as

The Dance Challenge

So what should you do? Record your dance stick video on your phone and submit it to the social media sites below by following these simple steps! It’s hard, but the reward is great! Dance Challenge was designed to push people beyond their comfort zones and have fun while doing it. The goal of this game is to build self-confidence and shake things up a little bit in the world of dance videos.

What is a Dance Competition?

A dance competition is a competition where dancers have to participate in different dance styles. They are judged on originality, dancing skills and presentation of the desired dance style. They can either be created by a group of people or individualized. The Dance Competition is an event that encourages competitors to create their own dance video, showcase it as a pre-produced work, and/or enter it into the competition. The winning video will be shown in front of audiences in theaters nationwide.

Which Competitive Dance Platforms to Use?

There are many popular competitive Dance Platforms. However, the best one to start with might be YouTube. There are many other features that make YouTube incredibly easy and beneficial for people who want to learn or share dance moves. For example, YouTube videos often feature a frame rate of 60 frames/second or higher which allows for better viewing experience for viewers. It also provides steps on what is just about any popular dance routine in video tutorials that often connect with other instructional videos like general choreography and splits.

How Dancing Apps Work

With the boom in popularity of dancing apps on smartphones, we’re seeing companies surfacing from every square and making people do dance moves. From Hip-Hop to House Music, there are a range of applications to choose from. However, the rules of these games vary depending on which app you’re using. There’s no standard here. So what sets them apart? A number of apps are available to people who want to dance. The helpful idea behind these is to challenge the users or those looking on to make a video that has all the moves and work in sync, without everyone holding the phone while they shake their way through the video.

Social Media Engagement for Your Challenge

Media is a powerful channel for disseminating information and engaging your discussions, so make sure to invest in it! Social media engagement is a corner stone to many marketing experts. It can help you find new ways to engage with your marketing campaign. There are multiple social media platforms and growth hacks online, so you can post your dance challenge on one or more of these platforms to gain the necessary foot traffic for your product launches, pop-up events, or brand partnerships.


Every person who participates in this challenge has a great chance of winning, and the ones with unique dance moves will also most likely be able to gain a lot more than they could by dancing. The contest is based around your creativity and should make-or-break you not what other people think because those thoughts are meaningless.

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