Reviewing the Afghan cricket side

Afghanistan is a country where cricket is not an unknown sport at all. In fact, the first records of the discipline being played in that part of the world are from the 1840s. However, the national team of the country needed to wait almost 150 years before they started to see some success. Considering that the team has become very competitive during recent years, to bet on on this squad might be a highly profitable prospect.

Despite this sport being played for more than a century in this part of the world, only by the end of the 20th century the country created its official cricket organization. This entity is currently known as the Afghanistan Cricket board, and was admitted to the International Council only in 2001. However, they needed to wait even more in order to gain Test status. Finally, this much-awaited Test status was granted to Afghanistan in 2017. This means that now, the squad can participate in lots of cricket competitions, which are available to bet on the 1xBet website and offer great odds.

How did it all begin

As it happens with many other countries where is almost a national sport, British citizens were the first ones to play the game in Afghanistan. In fact, the game was introduced to the country by British troops who were stationed in the country. However, more than 150 years needed to pass before the sport acquired notoriety in the territory. The first Afghan citizens to become interested in the discipline were refugees who were living in Pakistan. They helped to shape the current Afghan national squad. All its followers can now find cricket betting odds on, which certainly are the best in the market.

Only in 1995 it was decided to create the Afghan Cricket Board. Later on, the Taliban forbade all sports, but they exempted cricket from this. This helped to rebuild the national squad, and contributed to the ICC membership that Afghanistan earned a few years later. Afghan fans are delighted with this fact, and they can find great cricket betting odds on the 1xBet platform, which are the highest in the market.

Recent success

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