Classic Competitions: Reviving the Spirit of Old School College Sportswear

Even though you will see youngsters wearing several different types of sports clothing to flaunt their athletic spirit, you must believe that these styles have not arisen within the last few decades. The vintage sports styles have been prevalent in the world of fashion for quite a long time. According to the research of many fashion fanatics including us, the old-school athletic fashion dates back to the 1990s when there was a rise in the fan following for the different games. This is the time when numerous competitions in the various disciplines of sports sprung up such as the basketball tournaments, the baseball games, the swim meets, etc.

The athletes of the ‘90s era exalted their cool and playful outlook through their fun way of dressing up. Even though most of the people in those times were donning extravagant dresses, buttoned-up shirts, full trousers, etc, the athletes were always seen in loose-fitted jerseys and shorts that came up to their shins. These started off a new trend of casual outfits which came to be known as vintage-style athletic wear. Now, these are making a comeback in today’s fashion trends. 

In this article, we will talk about the rise of the vintage college sports styles once more. We will tell you how these outfits stand out and who are the famous designers who have jumped aboard this trend. In the end, we will give you some brand recommendations so that you can try out these clothes like vintage college sweatshirts too!

What Makes Vintage Sports Clothes Stand Out? 

The ‘90s were a time when there was a boom in the popularity of all the different types of sports from soccer to swimming. The athletes who took part in those games wore their own signature outfits that became a rage amongst the fans. Now, these have been termed ‘vintage sports clothes’ and are a huge genre in contemporary fashion. These are unique clothes with subtle patterns and motifs that give off an old-school vibe. And these designs are actually coming back now that the new-age fashionistas are chasing vintage designs. The vintage sports clothing is seen as athleisure wear since these can be worn to gym classes and also to any casual outing!

Here are Some Reasons Why Vintage Sports Clothes are Loved by Many

  1. Nostalgic Feel: Vintage sports t-shirts have a very earthy and old-school feel to them that makes them a fashion heartthrob amongst the fans. These clothes have a charm because of their signature patterns and motifs and also the logos that adorn the fabrics. 
  1. Retro and Cool: As this vintage sportswear are actually worn by athletes, there is no doubt that they pass the ‘cool vibe’ check with flying colors! These clothes are thus often termed as ‘retro’ outfits with a unique modern touch. 
  1. Good for the Planet: Vintage outfits are mostly upcycled items. Hence, wearing these clothes makes sure that they do not add to the waste that is produced from discarded garments all over the world. This makes these clothes good for the planet too.

How Famous Designers Revived Vintage Sports Fashion?

Some of the prominent names in the high fashion industry that hardly need an introduction, came out with their own line of vintage sportswear-inspired outfits that are a rage amongst everyone–from models to actors. People got inspired by works that give off a vintage charm that is retro and quite cool at the same time. Such clothes have signature patterns and motifs that are classy and beautiful too. Vintage fashion was a vision for the eyes! They involve the subtlety of vintage athletic wear and also the comfort and functionality of modern sports clothes. Thus, they are a favorite among many. 

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Top 3 Brands With the Best Vintage Sports Clothes

  1. Nike: Their products are stylish and cool at the same time. They give off a vintage vibe that resonates with the fans.
  1. Vintage Brand: Vintage Brand is an up-and-coming outlet in the garments industry. It will give you a wide range of products to choose from, and all of these outfits are widely acclaimed. 
  1. Reebok: This brand has made waves in the fashion market for blending athletic wear with leisure-type clothing. You can try out their products if you want to exude such a fun-loving attitude.


We have already mentioned to you how athletic wear has taken over the world with its vintage charm. And now, if you feel inspired by all this knowledge, and want to try out these clothes for yourselves, we encourage you to take a look at the recommendations we have made.

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