Commercial HVAC

At any enterprise, the issue of microclimate is very important, which implies their provision with several engineering systems, the task of which is to maintain air purification, maintain temperature, and also the level of humidity. In other words, real estate projects need commercial HVAC systems. As a rule, here we are talking about integrated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, which in turn are fully automated and controlled using computer technology.

The company Baikal Mechanical believes that there is no one-size-fits-all HVAC system. Each system must be designed for specific operating conditions. For example, hatcheries in hot and humid climates require an air conditioning system with cooling water or direct cooling increase. On the other hand, evaporative cooling is ideal for dry climates.

What are the Types of HVAC?

Commercial HVAC systems are divided into central and local. Central stations are usually located away from the facility, and the delivery of cooled or heated air or water is carried out using duct systems and pipelines. Local systems can be located both in close proximity and inside buildings or in separate rooms. The HVAC unit allows you to conveniently control the indoor temperature and climate of the building.

According to the types of ventilation systems, due to the purpose of the premises, the nature of the technological process, the type of harmful emissions, commercial HVAC can be classified according to the following criteria:

  • a method of creating pressure to move air (with natural and artificial (mechanical) motivation);
  • according to the purpose (supply, exhaust, and supply and exhaust);
  • by service area (local and general exchange);
  • by design (channel and non-channel).

Heat recovery units are used to save energy costs. Even within the same hatchery, different climate control systems are needed for different areas.

The company Baikal Mechanical supplies HVAC to any places you want. It can be:

  • Hotels and hostel.
  • Medical institutions.
  • Any other industrial and commercial premises.

HVAC engineers can help to support air quality. The ventilation and air conditioning system removes odors, dust, bacteria, and excess moisture from the ventilation system. By regulating the airflow and microbiological elements, it can positively affect people’s health.

How does the HVAC System Work?

The heating function in the HVAC unit works in the same way as the cooling function. Air is drawn into the system through a series of ducts. As air passes through the system, it is heated or cooled by the oven through heat exchangers. A fan or ventilator directs the heated air back into the interior of the building through a series of ducts. HVAC compressors are capable of cleaning and cooling a large room, and are also ideal for cars. They are durable enough to last for a long time and are known to perform a constant cooling function.

The control panel of the HVAC system contains all the switches that are necessary to control this system and are the interface between this system and the operator. To the HVAC components belong сontrol module, mode actuator, temperature control actuator, recirculation actuator, fan motor processor, evaporator temperature sensor, air conditioning refrigerant pressure sensor, A/C compressor.

When designing and choosing the optimal ventilation system for commercial real estate projects, the first task is to determine its type according to functional loads, taking into account the way air moves. There are also special ventilation systems that are used in projects where specific requirements must be met, for example, preventing dust from entering rooms and organizing complete dust removal (pharmaceutical warehouses).

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